vineri, 31 decembrie 2010

Happy New Year!


It's time to look back thankfully on what we've achieved this year and ahead of us with hope and determination. I have some toughts I wanted to share with you, but I won't write novels, because I know you're busy with the New Year's Eve preparations.

I want to start to thank you all for being The Shoe Dictionary readers and supporters. I guess everyone says at a point that they have the greatest readers, but I mean it! Ever since I began 5 months ago, your feedback gave me confidence and ideas for new articles that you would be interested in. So thank you for all of that!

Thank you for having offered me the support I needed, a nice word or two and criticism, equally. I hope I haven't dissapointed you and I promise that I will continue to write with the same passion and determination intriguing articles, reviews or interviews.

I hope you have a great fulfilling year and I hope that everything will turn out just as you plan it, or even better! I hope we grow together learning to be more serene, more understanding and wiser. I hope we will overcome gracefully all the not-so-perfect aspects of our lives and learn to focus more on what we enjoy and love!

Have a wonderful party tonight and shine all the way, my beautiful friend!

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  1. I also thought your blog goes way back. :) It's a great treat to read every article and I wish you to be inspired and keep us inspired and informed and may 2011 bring you lovely surprises, new challenges and everything you wish for! Happy New Year! Have a fantastic time tonight! Kisses. Ada

  2. Cute Blog <3
    What do you think about following each other ?

    I would be happy ;)

    Have a wonderful day !

  3. sure, like yours too. added you in the blog roll too :)


  4. Happy New Year to you to and good luck with your blog! You are doing a great job here!!