miercuri, 29 decembrie 2010

Shoe dilemma of the day: Louboutin Pigalle in denim

In between the best of 2010 tops that are circulating on most of the websites, the resolution lists, the "what I've learned" gratitude thoughts and the New Year's Eve plans - all of which are very useful and fulfilling, of course - I think we should also do some mind stretching by focusing on some more "easy" things, like shoes, for example.

Today I have for you a more casual version of the Louboutin Pigalle studded pumps. They're made of denim, a rather over-rated fabric and much too often used, if you ask me.

I remember that, as a young student, I was told in class the story of denim: how it was created for the use of cowboys as they needed a fabric which was strong enough and which could be dragged into mud and still keep those men protected from the cows and the horrors of nature. I guess I was brainwashed at that tender age because I have never been a fan of denim. Everytime I think of denim I instantly think of muddy cowboys. I don't really understand why some people wear jeans in summer time, for example. Or why some designers decided that this was the right fabric to be used for bags or hats or whatever. It's a personal choice, after all, and I can respect that. 

Now, retournons a  nos mouttons, our Louboutins. Usually, I don't like denim shoes. At all! The studded Pigalle pumps have been a hit. I'm absolutely mad about them. They've got attitude, due to the studds, but they are also oh so feminine because of the deep cut, the stiletto heel and the pointy toe. A perfect combination!  They have been taken to red carpets worldwide, every celebrity owns them and every regular gal like myself is dreaming of them. But Pigalle in denim? I'm not convinced, I don't know if I even like them, let alone if I would wear them. My childhood memories are somehow pushing back the love for Louboutins, in any shape or fabric.

So I need your help. What do you think? Do you like them in denim? Good, bad or meah?

P.S. Happy last minute shopping for the party outfits, good luck with your lists of any kind and have some great last 3 days of the year! :-)

photo source: net-a-porter.com

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  1. I have to admit I don't like them. I find it hard to think of an outfit to suit them. I love love love jeans, especially with high heels and white shirts, I sometimes wear a jeans skirt (thank you, Carine Roitfeld, for your inspiration :)), but that's where I draw a line. I stick to the basics and classics. Kisses. Ada

  2. i love jeans in clasic combinations or something very simple, just like you said :)