vineri, 3 decembrie 2010

Sepala Kids by Mihaela Glavan - photo preview

Remember last week's post when I anticipated the new line Mihaela Glavan is launching named Sepala Kids?

Time has come to enjoy a preview set of photos of this new line designed for kids, which will be launched in February 2011.

I don't necessarily feel that I have a great motherly spirit inside of me, but seeing these cute small shoes, so colourful and alive, sure makes me want to have a kid!

What I like most about this collection (as far as I can tell from the preview) is that it has the same style Mihaela Glavan has used us to. The same use of fabrics, the same courage to combine cuts and techniques, the same playfulness and coolness. Imagine a mom wearing Sepala or Mihaela Glavan shoes holding the hand of a little man wearing these cool matching shoes? How  fun is that?

So, what do you think? Do YOU like them? Would you buy these shoes for your (imaginary) kid?

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