luni, 30 mai 2011

Shoe Obsession of the Day: Studded sandals from Park Lane

I'm on the lookout for those perfect flat sandals for this summer. There's a lot of styles, colours and fabrics out there, you just have to decide what your heart (and feet) desires most.

The most popular ones might just be the rubber neon sandals, but I'm not really keen on them. Call me obsessed, call me old-fashioned, but I'm still in love with roman studded sandals, with lots of strips, lots of studs, lots of buckels and anything metallic. And as for the colour, my favourite ones are still, the brown ones. I find them extremely versatile - they go with pretty much everything, but, most of all, with tanned skin.

I've stumbled upon the perfect roman sandals on, in their outlet. I might change my mind tomorrow, but today, they're perfect! You know the feeling, right? :-)


 Park Lane Wrap Stud and Eyelet Flat Sandals, £ 25 on asos

Now tell me, what's you're favourite sandals style for this summer?

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vineri, 27 mai 2011

FINSK S/S 11 Collection and the Pop-Up Web Shop

Remember Finsk, one of the coolest shoes out there, responsible for all the frenzy that took over bloggers all over the world? We've feasted our eyes previously and now it's time to catch up on them.

The Summer/Spring '11 collection of the Finnish brand features shoes with those traits that made everybody fall in love with them to begin with, which have now become their trademark: wooden sole with geometric shapes, daring cuts and strong color accents.

However, don't expect to see the same shoes you've already seen before. The new collection brings some new styles and colours. 

First of all, there's the take on the classic pump. But they aren't you're ordinary pumps: in mint green or nude, the Finsk pumps feature a wooden chunky heel, in dark brown or with a yellow accent. The mild platform gives stability and comfort to the shoes, making them alltogether appropriate even for office hours.

Next up (and my personal favourite), there's the summer version of the wedge that made Finsk so famous. With bondage strips of two-toned leather, wooden sole and the signature spiky sculpted heel, this season's wedges will pop up in any scenary thanks to the original design and the splash of colour.

Another type of sandals featured in this season's collection, the sandals with crossed straps and low heel are perfect for those of you who want to keep things on a lower profile. The side detailing inspired by the boho-chic / 70s trend make them so very delicate and romantic. The cone heel strapped in layers of leather makes these sandals perfect for everyday wear, with a low (or even non-existant) pain level, even if you'll be running errands all day long.

And finally, the cut-out wedges with a gentler style. If I would have seen these somewhere over the internet, I wouldn't have recognized them as Finsk wedges. They seem to have few in common with the style that has blown away everybody's minds. However, they are versatile, due to the shades they come in - nude and black, and extremly wearable, due to the low wedge, with no architectural detailing whatsoever.

You can see more styles and study them thouroughly here.

Now, the good news is that Finsk has opened a Pop-Up Web Shop where you can buy shoes from the SS '11 collection. With prices ranging from £ 340 to £ 410, the shoes can be shipped WORLDWIDE. All you need is a PayPal account to pay for your order.

Of course, you can still buy Finsk shoes on, where they're on SALE. However, you'll find there only shoes from previous collections. If you're interested in shoes from the current collection, you might want to check out the SALE on, available over the weekend.

I'm curious, which one is your favourite? Dreaming of (or even planning) on buying some?

P.S. For those of you who haven't met me at any event I attended recently or who don't follow me on Facebook, the reason why I stopped posting (unfortunately) is that I finally got my dream job: I'm a Lifestyle Editor for and Shopping Report magazine. I hope I haven't lost your interest and I hope we can get right back on track, just as I've been planning every five minutes over the past two months. Thanks a lot! :-)

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