luni, 30 mai 2011

Shoe Obsession of the Day: Studded sandals from Park Lane

I'm on the lookout for those perfect flat sandals for this summer. There's a lot of styles, colours and fabrics out there, you just have to decide what your heart (and feet) desires most.

The most popular ones might just be the rubber neon sandals, but I'm not really keen on them. Call me obsessed, call me old-fashioned, but I'm still in love with roman studded sandals, with lots of strips, lots of studs, lots of buckels and anything metallic. And as for the colour, my favourite ones are still, the brown ones. I find them extremely versatile - they go with pretty much everything, but, most of all, with tanned skin.

I've stumbled upon the perfect roman sandals on, in their outlet. I might change my mind tomorrow, but today, they're perfect! You know the feeling, right? :-)


 Park Lane Wrap Stud and Eyelet Flat Sandals, £ 25 on asos

Now tell me, what's you're favourite sandals style for this summer?

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