luni, 29 noiembrie 2010

Burberry Studded Platform Sandals - obsession of the day

Since today is Monday (so, by definition, this is a tough day) and in most countries and/or continents the weather is gloomy, here's a shoe to make you feel strong and confident: the Burberry patent leather studded platform sandals.

I would wear them with knitted socks, of course.
Like them?

available for purchase here

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sâmbătă, 27 noiembrie 2010

Jimmy Choo Project Crystal to Celebrate the 15th Anniversary

Jimmy Choo are celebrating 15 years of existence. And to do this properly, they have launched a project collection named Crystal which, as they say in their own words contains "high-voltage evening shoes".

The precious shoes are inspired by the original jeweled shoes that made Jimmy Choo the favourite shoe designer and first choice for a red carpert look of most celebrities. They have a little something of the vintage jewels personal collection of Tamara Mellon (co-founder of Jimmy Choo).

The anniversary collection consists of sky-high heels, kitten heels and also flats. Using tiny little crystals, plastic, mesh, velvet, suede and satin this collection is endered feminine by the bows, the rich fabrics, dusty colours, the ankle straps, the pointy heels.

In celebrating our 15 years I wanted to create a modern glamour that stands for the style and imagination of Jimmy Choo. I was inspired by vintage jewellery to add sparkling and luminous details to iconic Jimmy Choo shapes. But these are not the jeweled shoes of the past and instead show jewels in a modern and edgy way. I have long been a collector and a fan of Marilyn’s work and know that she can capture the essence of my vision.Tamara Mellon, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jimmy Choo.

You can see all the styles here.
This is my selection:













Which one is your favourite? What do you think about this anniversary collection?

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vineri, 26 noiembrie 2010

Contemporary Art Exhibition: Details begin with a step (Detaliile incep pasind) in Bucharest

 by Mihai Zgondoiu

I love a nice cultural/artistic event! I am quite eager to attend this one I am about to talk to you about, especially because my two passions (culture/art and fashion - shoes mostly) meet at the same point, collaborating and emphazising the best in each other. The result should be very interesting!

 Between the 1st and the 7th of November, Iconique Class Studio is housing the sale exhibition named "Details begin with a step" (Detaliile incep pasind), organized by

This event gathers pieces from 17 Romanian contemporary artists. What is the main idea that connects the works of these artists? THE SHOE, a piece which can always be found in our daily existence. The iconic image of the shoe is recreated through specifical means such as: painting, collage, glass, object-installation, video installation, mixt techniques on cloth. 

The vernissage will be on the 1st of December at 19.00, while the exhibition will be open daily between 10.00 and 20.00.

 "Details begin with a step" is gathering the work of 17 Romanian contemporary artists: Valeriu Mladin, Teodor Graur, Maxim Dumitras, Mirela Traistaru, Dragos Burlacu, Mihai Zgondoiu, Suzana Dan, Francisc Chiuaru, Aurel TAR, Florin Tomescu, Irina Garcia, Cristi Gaspar, Lucian Muntean, Vlad Petri, Gabi Stamate, Cristi Farcas and Antoaneta Bela. Each of the artists has chosen his own way of expression, technique and concept to talk about shoes, ethnical, rasial or cultural tenssion, poverty, Fairy God Mothers, fashion, glamour and walks à pied from Tokio to Stransbourg.

The host of the event is Iconique Class Studio, a modern place located in a house that is historical monument - a house built at the beginning of the 20th century and very nicely restored, which blends perfectly with the archtectonic mix of Alexandru Alee in Bucharest (the exact address is 7 Alexandru Alee, district 1, Bucharest - close to Victoriei Square).

Iconique Class Studio hosts pieces from Rodarte, Prigle of Scotland, Rue du Mail. They also support Romanian contemporary artists such as Valentina Vidrascu, Oana Manolescu and Andra Clitan.
 by Mirela Traistaru

Be sure not to miss this interesting sale exhibition!

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joi, 25 noiembrie 2010

Sepala Kids by Mihaela Glavan preview

At the beginning of the month, you have found out exclusively here about the premiere of the Sepala kids collection. Now, Mihaela Glăvan is proudly inviting you to the preview of the Sepala Kids collection, which will be held during Baby Expo, dedicated to new borns, kids between 0-5 years, future moms and young parents.

During the 26th and 28th of November Mihaela Glăvan will premiere a new line designed for kids. The collection speaks to parents who want to have their kids wearing the most cool and comfortable shoes at the same time. You can find the preview collection at Buzztard – stand E12.

The Sepala Kids line is chearful, coloured, energetic, just like a kid” says the notorious shoe designer Mihaela Glavan.

Buzztard is a stand meant for kids which will host 3 brand: MyPrecious Buzztard, Karakiri and Sepala Kids. The kids will enjoy colourful accessories (bracelets, necklaces, clothes accessories) from MyPrecious Buzztard, will fall sleep in the soft arm-tentacles of the friendly Karakiri octopus and will learn to walk with the help of the amazing shoes and boots from Sepala Kids.

Baby Expo, the 29th winter edition, will take place at Sala Polivalenta, Bucharest, between the 26th anf the 28th of November 2010.

Romanian translation:
Mihaela Glăvan oferă un preview al colecţiei Sepala Kids, în cadrul salonului Baby Expo, dedicat nou-născuţilor, copiilor între 0-5 ani, viitoarelor mame şi tinerilor părinţi.

În perioada 26-28 noiembrie, Mihaela Glăvan va prezenta la Baby Expo noua linie de pantofi Sepala Kids. Adresată părinţilor care vor să îşi încalţe copiii în pantofi cool şi, în acelaşi timp comozi, noua colecţie va fi disponibilă la Buzztard – standul E12.

„Linia Sepala Kids este veselă, colorată, energică, exact ca un copil”, spune designerul Mihaela Glăvan.

Buzztard este un stand adresat copiilor, care va reuni 3 branduri: MyPrecious Buzztard, Karakiri şi Sepala Kids. Copiii se vor bucura de accesorii colorate (brăţări, coliere, accesorii de haine) de la MyPrecious Buzztard, vor adormi în bratele caracatiţei prietenoase de la Karakiri şi vor învăţa să meargă cu ajutorul ghetelor şi al pantofilor Sepala Kids.

Baby Expo, ediţia 29 de iarnă, va avea loc la Sala Polivalentă Bucureşti, în perioada 26-28 noiembrie 2010.

duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

Open Letter to Santa - a „short” list of shoe cravings

Dear Santa,

This year I've been a really good girl and I deserve to be rewarded in some way, don't you think? I made a really tiny list of what I dream of at this moment. It's all shoes, of course. You could bring them all, but I won't mind if you send me at least a couple of them. And just so you know, most of the online shops have free delivery and discounts for Christmas, so hurry up!

 Coca Zaboloteanu, here
Coca Zabolteanu, here
Pixie Shoes, here
 Sepala, here, in the archive section

Sepala, here 
 Condur by Alexandru, here

 Lust of Creation, here

AloChic Pumps, here

Valentino, here

 Aldo, here

 Asos, here

 Asos, here

 Asos, here

 Finsk, here

 Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, here

Sam Edelman, here

 Dolce Vita, here

 Jeffrey Campbell, here

 Jeffrey Campbell, here

Steve Madden, here

It's not much, right?

What do you think, dear readers, what's your wishlist? Do you like mine?

photo source: cocaza boloteanu,,,,,, Condur By Alexandru, Lust of Creation,

Cocor Department Store - a month later

More than a month ago, I was talking to you here about the launch of the so much awaited Cocor Luxury Store. The launching event created media (and not only) controversies, as the store turned out to be just Cocor Department Store, no luxury included as promised. 

A month later, I decided to wonder through the store again and see if there are improvements. Join me in this journey meant to show you if it's worth visiting this store and why.

Compared to last month, at the launching event, when half of the stores where empty, I had the pleasent surprise to find all of them occupied. It would have been more pleasent, however, if the stores hosted at least quality pieces, if not luxury.

The only brand which is close to the idea of a luxury store is Guess. Located at the first floor, the brand displays the latest collection in its own store. Other than this, it's just tacky, kitschy clothes that you could find in cheap bazaars. 

From my point of view, their only achievment is the Romanian Designers Gallery. Located at the 2nd floor, the gallery hosts the creations of most of the important Romanian designers of the moment: Arz Wilhelmina, Badala Andreea, Diaconu Mirela, Flonta Otilia, Gaburici Costin Violeta, Glavan Mihaela, Ivan Adelina, Nichita Cristina, Nita Diana, Negulescu Anca&Silvia, Perseil Elena, Radulescu Anca, Rhea Costa, Secareanu Carmen, Stoenescu Florentina, Stoica Norina, Serban Irina, Serban Oana, Serban Silvia, Tincu Andreea, Toma Agnes. 

Apparently, from what I could see for myself, but also from what the store representatives had to say, this gallery is a bit hit. People visit it and look at all the creations, try them on and even buy them. For those of you interested, starting today (!) they even have the beautiful leather dresses (which are even more gorgeous, live) of the wonderful Negulescu sisters that you saw on Thursday at Avanpremiere Gala

As for the shoes, the Romanian Designers Gallery hosts the creations of Mihaela Glavan for both Sepala and Mihaela Glavan brands, but also shoes from Unfortunately, the store representatives didn't allow me to take photos of the shoes, they said it's not in their policy. But you can take my word for it. For Mihaela Glavan, they have the latest collections and, even more interesting, the Sepala TouchedBy Adelina Ivan collaboration collection which looks amazing.

 Sepala TouchedBy Adelina Ivan

Sepala Fall Winter 2010-2011 shoes you can find in the Romanian Designers Gallery

Cocore Department Store announced at the beginning of November that there will be new designers joining the Romanian Gallery, among which the famous shoe designer Mihai Albu. Pretty interesting!

Another store worth visiting if you are interested in shoes is Authentic. A Romanian business also, it was started in 2003. They have some beautiful quality shoes, most of them for a girl who preffers classic shoes. All made of leather or suede, in red, black, blue, purple, nude, white or other combination of colours, the shoes are very feminine and comfortable. The prices are friendly too, ranging from 200 RON to 400/500 RON. You can find them at the third floor, right next to the escalators.

Besides these highlights, the Cocor Store continues to dissapoint with cheap looking shoes, shoes with red soles - fakes of Louboutins, grandma shoes or incredibly boring shoe stores named "Suzy" where UGG boots are like designer pieces.

What do you think about Cocor Department Store, have you visited it? What do you think about the Romanian Designers Gallery and Authentic shoes that I showed you here?

photos: Sepala, the others made by me.