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Contemporary Art Exhibition: Details begin with a step (Detaliile incep pasind) in Bucharest

 by Mihai Zgondoiu

I love a nice cultural/artistic event! I am quite eager to attend this one I am about to talk to you about, especially because my two passions (culture/art and fashion - shoes mostly) meet at the same point, collaborating and emphazising the best in each other. The result should be very interesting!

 Between the 1st and the 7th of November, Iconique Class Studio is housing the sale exhibition named "Details begin with a step" (Detaliile incep pasind), organized by

This event gathers pieces from 17 Romanian contemporary artists. What is the main idea that connects the works of these artists? THE SHOE, a piece which can always be found in our daily existence. The iconic image of the shoe is recreated through specifical means such as: painting, collage, glass, object-installation, video installation, mixt techniques on cloth. 

The vernissage will be on the 1st of December at 19.00, while the exhibition will be open daily between 10.00 and 20.00.

 "Details begin with a step" is gathering the work of 17 Romanian contemporary artists: Valeriu Mladin, Teodor Graur, Maxim Dumitras, Mirela Traistaru, Dragos Burlacu, Mihai Zgondoiu, Suzana Dan, Francisc Chiuaru, Aurel TAR, Florin Tomescu, Irina Garcia, Cristi Gaspar, Lucian Muntean, Vlad Petri, Gabi Stamate, Cristi Farcas and Antoaneta Bela. Each of the artists has chosen his own way of expression, technique and concept to talk about shoes, ethnical, rasial or cultural tenssion, poverty, Fairy God Mothers, fashion, glamour and walks à pied from Tokio to Stransbourg.

The host of the event is Iconique Class Studio, a modern place located in a house that is historical monument - a house built at the beginning of the 20th century and very nicely restored, which blends perfectly with the archtectonic mix of Alexandru Alee in Bucharest (the exact address is 7 Alexandru Alee, district 1, Bucharest - close to Victoriei Square).

Iconique Class Studio hosts pieces from Rodarte, Prigle of Scotland, Rue du Mail. They also support Romanian contemporary artists such as Valentina Vidrascu, Oana Manolescu and Andra Clitan.
 by Mirela Traistaru

Be sure not to miss this interesting sale exhibition!

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