duminică, 26 septembrie 2010

Louboutin collaborations for Fall/Winter 2010

It's been a long time since I posted something on  my favourite shoe designer out there: Christian Louboutin. Therefore, I feel that it is time to show you a retrospective view of all the collaborations the designer has had for the the f/w 2010 season. Great names, as usually, have been eager to use the magic shoes with red sole: Phillip Lim, The Row, Ruffian, Antonio Berardi, Giles Deacon, Roland Mouret, J Mendel, The Blonds, just to name a few. The video you are about to see features J.Lo's track, "Louboutins", of course.

Unfortunately, the video isn't available in embeded, so I can't post it on my blog. So, for those interested, please follow the link and see the amazing video. Enjoy!

Next up, the ad campaign for fall/winter 2010 of the Christian Louboutin brand. The photographer behind it is Peter Lippman and the director is Khuong Nguyen. The shoot has an Alice in Wonderland mood, of course, since this has been the main source of everything this year. Here are the amazing prints:

photo source: http://www.fashionfame.com/

Creezi sau Donezi? Autumn 2010 edition

Romanian Fashion Bloggers is proudly presenting ”Creezi sau Donezi?” (Create or Donate), Autumn Edition, a carritable event where everyone is invited to join and create beautiful accessories or just enjoy the company of the others and buy some beautiful accessories made on site. All funds will be used to build a day care center for the kids with special needs from ”Copii de cristal” (Cristal Children).

The event is scheduled for the 2nd of October between 10.00 - 18.00 at Orange Concept Store.

duminică, 19 septembrie 2010

Sepala A/W 2010 collection

I apologise for keeping you waiting for the photos and news on Sepala's launch that took place back on the 8th of September. I had some earthly things to attend to.

On the 8th of September, at the super-cute and intimate Sepala store on Benjamin Franklin str., no 9, we got to see the new fall/winter collection. A word to describe it? AWESOME!

Mihaela Glavan, the designer, has conquered new grounds: the army boots. Of course every other single shoe from the collection was incredible, but these new commers army boots have been the stars. Everybody coming to see the collection would stop and stare at the amazingly crafted boots. What makes these shoes special is that they have the toughness of the style, but it has been combined  with the femininity given by the so-well-selected smooth leather, the smooth finishes, the simple design. No studs, no spikes, no nothing - just simplicity and femininity. Managing to blend all these in an army shoe, I think this is a great success the designer can boast. They are available in black and grey.

The rest of the colection features some amazing leather thigh-high boots which come both in the ultra-popular nude, but also in classic sexy black. 

The fall collection also features some great pumps, both platform and semi-kitten heels, in a wide range of fabrics and shades: from the amazingly cool blue suede platform pumps -  which will make you play said Elvis track and start dancing - to the cute nude pumps with a pointy toe, the very casual tweed and blue suede shoes with a strong heel or the classic leather platform pumps.
The collection would not be complete without the booties and the boots. The ankle boots are amazing! Honestly, I couldn't decide which one is my favourite. The fabrics: classic leather, leather with an used look, suede. The colours: deep green, blue, black. There could be only one height to these amazing shoes: PLATFORMS! With the desginer's trademarks - the great finish, the quality, the originality in the one thing that makes the shoes different such as the metal laces, the buckles, the broidery-like leather - these booties are one of a kind and will surely bring everyone's attention at your feet.

The collection also features some great slouchy boots with a comfy low and strong heel which are great for everyday wear:

Also, the collection brings us some great maxi and midi clutches, with embroidery details, also known as laser-cut:
The designer has also launched on the same day the RSM  (Reconstructed Style for Men)  f/w 2010 collection. Of course the shoes are brilliant, of course they keep the designer's trademark. They would be perfect for any urban guy out there who likes to make a statement and change the monotony of  men shoes. Here are some examples:

"This year, for the fall/winter Sepala and RSM collections, I had a more different approach. For the women line, but also for the men line, I have introduced more details of punk-rock inspiration. I have always liked combining fabrics, textures and create new pattern elements" said Mihaela Glavan.

The collections are already available in the online store, here. They will be in the Sepala store on Benjamin Franklin street for sale, starting tomorrow. 

All in all, it was a great experience: shoes, great people, Mihaela Glavan. What more could you want? I will leave you to some photos from the lanch. Have a great week and happy shopping!

photos source: Mihaela Glavan

luni, 13 septembrie 2010

Jimmy Choo for UGG - capsule collection for f/w 2010

I think that we could gather in one room the persons throughout the world who are not fans of the famous UGG boots. Also, I think there must be about 5 women around the world who won't want to wear Jimmy Choo shoes on their feet. I am not exactly sure what equation we would have to use in this case, but I am very sure of the result of the colaboration of 2 of the most important names in the shoe business: HUGE.

Jimmy Choo and UGG have decided to create a capsule collection for this autumn. This seems very inspired since every girl all over the world is thinking about how to wear those comfy UGG boots that have created such a frenzy last season, but still manage to be original. The answer lays in the colaboration of the year, I would dear say. The very famous and practical UGG boots have been touched by the magical design of Jimmy Choo. The result? A very eclectic and girly collection of 5 styles (with a few variations on colours and prints).

Here's a glimpse of the 5 styles:

Using beads, a lot of animal prints, fringes and studs, the boots are amazingly adapted to the street styles all over the world, therefore I think they will be a huge success. Plus, how many times will these two so-much-adored brands colaborate?

Here is what the officials had to say, explaining their initiative:

"We are thrilled to be able to offer the Jimmy Choo and UGG customers a unique collection of boots that we believe our customers will covet. The boots are a seamless combination of luxury comfort that the UGG customer has grown to love meeting the high fashion and bold look that Jimmy Choo has perfected."

Connie X. Rishwain - President, UGG® Australia

"Other than Jimmy Choo, UGG Australia is the only other footwear I have in my wardrobe. We are delighted to have created a special capsule that captures the best of both brands - the legendary comfort of UGG with the spirit of Jimmy Choo."

Tamara Mellon - President and Founder, Jimmy Choo

You can see and preorder the capsule collection here.
From my personal point of view, I think that this collection comes at the right time: when everybody was starting to get bored of the UGG boots that everyone wears each autumn/winter and when everybody was looking for a similar, but more original shoe.
So, what do you think? Which ones are your favourite?

duminică, 5 septembrie 2010

current obsession

I have come across some amazing booties from our Romanian designer Adriana Nedelea. You can find on their website, Lust of Creation, a wide range of high heels, platforms, over the knee boots, brogues, balerinas, sandals, booties, you name it.
Their shoes are clasic, but very urban. What is great about Lust of Creation is that they customize your shoes or make them by order. This gives you the chance to have the perfect shoes, if you have problems with the sizes for example. The designer will make your shoes to fit your feet perfectly. Also, you can choose the colours and fabric and help create a very special shoe.

Usually, I am skeptical about custom made shoes made by shoe makers that are not that famous or that I never read/heard someone talking about. However, I can tell you that I have seen the shoes made by Lust of Creation, live, at a vintage fair. The quality is great and the shoes look even better live. 
The babies you are about to see are by far the perfect pair for this seasion as they sucessfully tick a trend every designer out there has followed: pony hair. Combine this with a crazy electric colour, a very cool design (very Givenchy) and you have the perfect shoes for an autumn day.

photo credits: Lust of Creation, from their facebook page.

vineri, 3 septembrie 2010

Mihaela Glavan F/W 2010 collection

Many of you might not know this, but my favourite Romanian shoe designer is Mihaela Glavan. I absolutely adore all of her shoes from the Sepala and Mihaela Glavan lines, since they are always minimalistic in a Calvin Klein kind of way, but with a twist, with something that disrupts the monotony. This is what makes Mihaela Glavan's shoes very modern and urban at the same time.
Also, I have always appreciated how the designer likes to mix fabrics, textures, shapes and proportions. You can often see these shoes made of suede mixed with PVC, or leather with rope, perforated leather with PVC and so many other unusual combinations. 
What I like best about Mihaela's shoes is the unusual shapes and proportions. The designer has a great sense of playing with these conventional characterstics of a shoe: she will always deconstruct, create different shapes by   attaching cape-like pieces of leather to the shoes, for example. 
Mihaela Glavan's shoes recommend her as a very brave and worthy shoe designer, setting her apart from the rest of the Romanian shoe designers.

For her fall collection, Mihaela Glavan has dared more: the shoes and boots have a higher platform than before. The sky-high shoes are still within the designer's principles: distinctive cuts, mix of leather and metal (studs, lace-like pieces of metal, soft spikes), the protective soft part at the back of the shoe (to keep the shoes from hurting your feet), the different shapes and proportions and the square insert of another fabric/colour which is meant to disrupt the monotony of a nude shoe, for example. 
As a first, Mihaela is introducing thigh-highs. However, these are not your regular ones, since they have the distinct mark of the brand. Also a first, the collection features some great biker boots (simple or with studs) which are incredibly classical and beautiful.

Many would probably blame this collection of becoming a little bit too commercial, because it is featuring pieces that have been popular with everyone for such a long time, such as the colours (the nude shoe) and the types of shoes (thigh highs). However, I feel that the designer has done a great job in translating some very popular trends to her own world and brand. The results are amazing and you can say everyting about a Sepala or Mihaela Glavan shoe BUT commercial.

All in all, the Mihaela Glavan fall/winter 2010 collection is a success, managing to bring a lot of new elements, but translate them to the personal style and succeeding in keeping a fan such as myself interested.

The Sepala fall/winter 2010 collection will be launched officially on 08.09.2010. Click here to see the invitation. I will be there to enjoy this new collection live.

I will let you to the pictures of these wonderful shoes. Enjoy!

my favourite ones

photos from Mihaela Glavan's Facebook page.