marți, 27 iulie 2010

fall report (A to B, part 1)

Hello lovers,

I know we're in the middle of summer, but a fashion lover knows that it's better to be informed in time and get ready for the next season. After all, it takes time to decide which pieces definitely make your mush-have list: which are the ones you won't be able to live without and which are the ones you could spare. All the fall shows have long gone, so some of you may be familiar with what I will be showing here. However, take it as a refreshal article, to help you remember what you liked and would like to bring to your wardrobe.
As always, this is a personal selection: the shoes that inspire me, the ones that I think will be a hit or the ones that I find absolutely adorable.

Since this subject is very complex, I will be dividing it in several parts, because one cannot cover the entire subject.

First up, we have Alexander Wang. He is one of those designers to promote the comeback of the chuncky heel, in the 90's style. Also, the mid length is one of the things that designers have brought back from the past. I'm not a particular fan of these comebacks, but this one I find appealing (from his entire collection).

Anna Sui managed to make flat boots look cool again. With a little bit of cowboy vibe to them, the snakeskin blue boots might just be the perfect choice for a rainy day.

I remember my grandma used to wear something like the ones below. However, I find them fun and funky.
Next up, it's Louboutin for Antonio Berardi and an already clasical piece: PVC shoe. It's simple, clean and with a little bit of edge. Nothing too spectacular, though.
My favourite pieces for this season come from Balengiaca. The designer Nicolas Ghesquière created what seems to be the perfect shoe for this fall: cosmonautical inspiration, colourful, chuncky heel, originality in a shoe. I think that this will create quite a buzz:
Balmain did not come with somehting new, sadly. Christophe Decarnin played with the same show he created for the previous seasons, he just changed the fabrics, adding a little bit of shine. I was expecting something new and exciting, but I guess I have to be patient.
One of the most beautiful and sexy shoes of this season are created by Barbara Bui. She mixed the so-much-weared thigh high boots with a crazy brown color which gives them such a new vibe:
Then, she spiced up everyone's favourite shoe, the bootie, with some ethnic elements, beads and paillettes:
Also, she brought to her collection an army inspired shoe, which has a more rough edge. they would look great worn with some skinny jeans and a warm, comfy jacket in the cold cold days that are to come.All in all, Barbara Bui's collection has it all, it for every girl out there. Usually, a collection which would try to satisfy so many tastes would fail, but what this one does is amaze.

I hop you enjoyed my first part. Stay tunned, part 2 is to come soon!

miercuri, 21 iulie 2010

Musette opening store in SOHO NYC!

The Romanian Shoe label MUSETTE is entering the American market: a new store will be opened this fall in the trendy boho Soho district! As usual, when big things like this happen, I tend to get over-enthusiastic, but I feel that nothing is too much in this case. I have always loved and kept an eye on this designer which is both accessible and high fashion. And now, that it will get visibility in the big USA I think that great things are going to happen. Especially since the designer has recently entered the experimental high-end fashion by creating for Christelen B. (its sister label) architectural, experimental shoes which can very easily be competitive in the industry.

Lets wish them good luck and lets wait and enjoy their accomplishments. It's a big step for the Romanian Shoe Fashion Industry (which is not that rich in over the top labels)!

You can find the Musette website here.

marți, 20 iulie 2010

meshing around

Hi there, shoe lovers,

Don't know if you've noticed but the fashion industry, especially the shoe branch, is trying to create pieces which seem simple and clean, leaving aside the opulent items. But do not be tricked! You will be amazed by the value and beauty of these beautiful things. Simple does not mean cheap or kitsch; sometimes, it is the best way to go (and of course, you are well aware of the designers who have made a religion out of clean, simple pieces - such as Calvin Klein, Jill Sander ecc.).

When it comes to shoes, I definitely think that less is more! Think about a simple but chic peep-toe shoe, prefferably in a nude shade - what more could you ask for?

Some (shoe) designers have thought of bringing fashion closer to the buyer and what better way to do this than using simple, usual fabrics? Mesh is definitely the preffered fabric designers have begun to use to make incredibly beutiful shoes, yet so very down-to-earth and accessible.

I have tired to make a selection of the shoes which follow this trend. However, it has become so used, that I cannot even pretend to cover it all:

Stella McCartney Mesh Open-Toe Ankle Boots
(here, on net-a-porter)
Jil Sander Leather Mesh Brogues
(here, on net-a-porter)
Brian Atwood Gaga studded mesh ankle boots
(here, on net-a-porter)
Asos Scandal Suede and Mesh Zip Back High Shoes
(here, on Asos)
Diesel Black Gold Nightspot Rope and Mesh Heeled Sandal
(here, on Asos)
F-Troupe Mesh Ruffle Flat Sandal
(here, on Asos)
Azzedine Alaia Suede Mesh Peep-Toe Boots
(here, on

Hope you enjoy them!

And let me wish you all the good luck finding the sales pieces you want! :-)

marți, 13 iulie 2010

When technology meets art

Hi there,

Hope you begun your week in the best way possibly!

Today I tought of writing about a special technique that takes shoe-making to another level and creates masterpieces which could easily be exihibited in art museums. The techinque is called laser-cut and it creates lace-like effects, embroidery-like surfaces. As far as I am concerned, this is one of the best uses technology can possibly have: it substitutes the craftman's talent (who have become so rare nowadays) bringing precision and quality to the product. Every now and then, designers tend to remember this techinque and give it a try. Some of the results are actually beyond beautiful, some fail because they can't understand to keep things simple.
The shoes created using this technology are so wonderful because they are feminine, soft, delicate and yet carry a strong statement about one's womanhood. They seem to be telling the beautiful love story of a woman's delicacy, intricacy and passion. These shoes will never become outdated - every woman will find in them a story of her own.

I hope you enjoy the few examples I have chosen.
Asos Laser-cut booties
(see them here on the website)
Jimmy Choo Suede Detroit shoe-boot
(here, on Luisa ViaRoma)
Giuseppe Zanotti Laser Cut Peep Toe Boots
(here, on Luisa ViaRoma)
TopShop Mellow Laser Cut Peep Toes
(here, on their website)
Guess Laser Cut Slingback Shoes
(here, on Asos)
Elisabeth and James Laser-cut flats
(here, on Sacks)
Moschino Laser cut pumps with open toe
(here, on their website)
Asos Bertie Vintage Laser-cut Lace-up shoes
(here, on the website)
Salvatore Ferragamo laser cut booties

Of course I didn't cover everything there is out there, but I think this will do for now. Which one's your favourite? I can't decide between Ferragamo's and Moschino's (but I really don't have to)

Have a great week!


duminică, 11 iulie 2010

Shoes to die for: Finsk

I thought of writing a post about the craziest, funniest and coolest shoes out there. It's about the finnish brand FINSK and, like everything that comes from the northern countries, they are arty and one of a kind. Finsk shoes are on everyones lips right now, but on few people's feet.

My Facebook friends have already had a preview, but I thought of writing a complete post about this brand.
You can find their site here. The brand is so exclusivist that they only sell in selected boutiques in few cities like Paris, London, New York ecc. Asos has some available on their site, here, but they have selected only the most "normal" designs, unfortunately (there were more pieces available, but they're sold out). You can also find them in another online shop, called Amelie boutique, see their selection here.

Now, are you ready to treat your eyes to some incredible shoes?
Architectural blue platform pumps
grey wedges
grey sandals with coral lace (available on asos, here)
some very architectural wedges, for those who want to make a statement
these are the best ones - wedges made of pony skin (poor ponies, but they can be happy they created such an amazing shoe)
Snakeskin platform cut-out pumps. They're a little more "tamed", but they still have the edgy vibe going on

The designer collaborates with different fashion designers, creating the shoes for them. The ones below are made for Ports 1961, in a very extremly fresh, clean and wearable design:
Here are some pieces made for Basso and Brooke, with a rainbow theme and prints:
If you have one of the shoe gods say anything like the following words about you, it means that you really are something:
"I am captivated by her work. It is like nothing anybody is doing at the moment, exquisite, devine, perfect." Monsieur Manolo said about her in W Magazine.

I think great things are still to come from this designer and this brand. We just have to wait and see.

sâmbătă, 10 iulie 2010

The Bone Collector

Turns out the bone collector is actually a girl who makes shoes out of the bones! Or at least that is what Caten brothers seem to be telling us. Their fall/winter collection premiered, among all the hardcore pieces, shoes with spines or finger bones for a heel. I first saw them on the show, but didn't quite get a good look. I remembered them when Luisa ViaRoma had their celebration of the 10 years existance and all the fashion bloggers were invited to celebrate and create amazing pictorials using the store's collections. They are now available for pre-order on Luisa ViaRoma, here, but they are not on any kind of sale so those buying them will the the lucky few.

The great thing about these shoes is that they come in some many types: boots, thigh highs, sandals, pumps. Lets take a look, shall we:

platform peep-toe ankle sandals
The Thigh Highs
platform sandals with an ankle wrap
these are by far the best ones: platform booties
They come as bandage/straps too, but I don't actually have a photo (you can see them on LuisaViaRoma)
Finger bone ankle pumps
and another version.

So, what do you think? I think they are just genius!


Hey shoe lovers,

Today I thought I'd post about one of my favourite trend in the whole wide world: nude shoes. They are so great because they go with anything, they are sexy but in a kind of a tamed way, they are fresh and can give an outfit the so much needed "it" thing. I have tried to gather as many examples as possible to please every kind of tastes:

Asos Taylor Colour Flash Shoe boot
(available here on Asos)
Asos Swirl Strappy Cage Shoe
(here on Asos)Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa Wax Seal Flat Shoe
(here on Asos) -
these ones combine the rubber trend I spoke to you about yesterday, so you get 2 things out of one
Miu Miu Patent-leather peep-toe pumps
(here on Net-a-porter)
Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps
(also on Net-a-porter, here)
Lanvin Sunbeam snakeskin pumps
(here on Net-a-porter)
Camilla Skovgaard Collar leather and suede sandals (here on Net-a-porter)
These are for the girls who want to be a little more on the bad side but still keep things nice and simple.
both from Papucei - My Favourite Colour is Ivory (romanian brand)
here on their site

both from Sepala by Mihaela Glavan (romanian brand)
here on her online store

There are some great shoes from Musette, one of my fav romanian shoe designers. Unfortunately, I have no photos to show you, but you can browse the s/s collection here. They have some great nude shoes with color accents or lace print - absolutely adorable!
Hope you enjoy this!