vineri, 9 iulie 2010

First Post!

Hi there, shoe lovers from all over the world!

Welcome to my blog I am just starting. I'm not new to blogging, since i have had a personal blog for over 3 years now, but I am new to fashion blogging. However, I did learn from all the best fashion bloggers, following theirs and I think that I will do a good job with this project I am starting.

I have chosen to talk about shoes as I have always been in love with them, going from plain simpathy to comsuming obsession (all the others girls in my situation will know what I'm talking about). I feel that there are too many fashion blogs, but few people choose to focus on shoes (which in my opinion are the piece that can tell everything about your personality and fashion style). Most of all, I feel that the Romanian blog scene has no blog (as far as i know) focused on shoes only. Therefore, I thought I will put my passion to use and try to keep people informed and find everything there is to know on this subject: from the most recent models the designers create to the ones available in online stores.

Before starting, there are a few things I want to say, some kind of guidelines, so I can make my intentions understood from the beginning. Here we go:

It will be your choice whether you would want to just remain informed, follow the trends and buy the original designer shoes or look for designer-inspired shoes in more accessible brands. I will not advise people on what to do or imply that whoever can afford to buy designer shoes is far more important/stylish or lets just say better. I am very keen on the designer shoes, but I use them as trend setters. Maybe when I will be older and richer I would buy the original ones.

You will not find here my personal shoes. I find this type of blogging a bit egocentric. It's like a person would make a place for himself to display his best pieces and brag about how cool he is. I feel that the internet (and blogging) is selfish enough, meaning that the communication is mostly with only one direction, so that we can keep taling about OUR personal styles.

The items shown here will obviously be selected by me, therefore, you will find most of all the shoes that I find interesting, worth sharing, important in the shoe-scene or if I feel that they have something to say. I will do my best to post a wide range of types (high heels and low heels or flats) but I can't guarantee the amount will be equal.

I will be writing about romanian shoe brands and stores because I feel that people don't know too much about them. I will do my best to get all the information you will need and also brighten things up with an interview from time to time, if they will offer me their time and pleasure.

All my posts will be in English because I don't want to limit the traffic to romanians only. I don't expect to become famous, but I do expect to inform people and learn as many things as possible regarding this type of online sharing.

I hope you will find it useful and interesting and that I will earn your trust and make you come back every day.

Please feel free to give me feedback at any time, it will help me a lot.

Thanks and lets talk about shoes!


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