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fall report (A to B, part 1)

Hello lovers,

I know we're in the middle of summer, but a fashion lover knows that it's better to be informed in time and get ready for the next season. After all, it takes time to decide which pieces definitely make your mush-have list: which are the ones you won't be able to live without and which are the ones you could spare. All the fall shows have long gone, so some of you may be familiar with what I will be showing here. However, take it as a refreshal article, to help you remember what you liked and would like to bring to your wardrobe.
As always, this is a personal selection: the shoes that inspire me, the ones that I think will be a hit or the ones that I find absolutely adorable.

Since this subject is very complex, I will be dividing it in several parts, because one cannot cover the entire subject.

First up, we have Alexander Wang. He is one of those designers to promote the comeback of the chuncky heel, in the 90's style. Also, the mid length is one of the things that designers have brought back from the past. I'm not a particular fan of these comebacks, but this one I find appealing (from his entire collection).

Anna Sui managed to make flat boots look cool again. With a little bit of cowboy vibe to them, the snakeskin blue boots might just be the perfect choice for a rainy day.

I remember my grandma used to wear something like the ones below. However, I find them fun and funky.
Next up, it's Louboutin for Antonio Berardi and an already clasical piece: PVC shoe. It's simple, clean and with a little bit of edge. Nothing too spectacular, though.
My favourite pieces for this season come from Balengiaca. The designer Nicolas Ghesquière created what seems to be the perfect shoe for this fall: cosmonautical inspiration, colourful, chuncky heel, originality in a shoe. I think that this will create quite a buzz:
Balmain did not come with somehting new, sadly. Christophe Decarnin played with the same show he created for the previous seasons, he just changed the fabrics, adding a little bit of shine. I was expecting something new and exciting, but I guess I have to be patient.
One of the most beautiful and sexy shoes of this season are created by Barbara Bui. She mixed the so-much-weared thigh high boots with a crazy brown color which gives them such a new vibe:
Then, she spiced up everyone's favourite shoe, the bootie, with some ethnic elements, beads and paillettes:
Also, she brought to her collection an army inspired shoe, which has a more rough edge. they would look great worn with some skinny jeans and a warm, comfy jacket in the cold cold days that are to come.All in all, Barbara Bui's collection has it all, it for every girl out there. Usually, a collection which would try to satisfy so many tastes would fail, but what this one does is amaze.

I hop you enjoyed my first part. Stay tunned, part 2 is to come soon!

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