sâmbătă, 10 iulie 2010

The Bone Collector

Turns out the bone collector is actually a girl who makes shoes out of the bones! Or at least that is what Caten brothers seem to be telling us. Their fall/winter collection premiered, among all the hardcore pieces, shoes with spines or finger bones for a heel. I first saw them on the show, but didn't quite get a good look. I remembered them when Luisa ViaRoma had their celebration of the 10 years existance and all the fashion bloggers were invited to celebrate and create amazing pictorials using the store's collections. They are now available for pre-order on Luisa ViaRoma, here, but they are not on any kind of sale so those buying them will the the lucky few.

The great thing about these shoes is that they come in some many types: boots, thigh highs, sandals, pumps. Lets take a look, shall we:

platform peep-toe ankle sandals
The Thigh Highs
platform sandals with an ankle wrap
these are by far the best ones: platform booties
They come as bandage/straps too, but I don't actually have a photo (you can see them on LuisaViaRoma)
Finger bone ankle pumps
and another version.

So, what do you think? I think they are just genius!

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