marți, 20 iulie 2010

meshing around

Hi there, shoe lovers,

Don't know if you've noticed but the fashion industry, especially the shoe branch, is trying to create pieces which seem simple and clean, leaving aside the opulent items. But do not be tricked! You will be amazed by the value and beauty of these beautiful things. Simple does not mean cheap or kitsch; sometimes, it is the best way to go (and of course, you are well aware of the designers who have made a religion out of clean, simple pieces - such as Calvin Klein, Jill Sander ecc.).

When it comes to shoes, I definitely think that less is more! Think about a simple but chic peep-toe shoe, prefferably in a nude shade - what more could you ask for?

Some (shoe) designers have thought of bringing fashion closer to the buyer and what better way to do this than using simple, usual fabrics? Mesh is definitely the preffered fabric designers have begun to use to make incredibly beutiful shoes, yet so very down-to-earth and accessible.

I have tired to make a selection of the shoes which follow this trend. However, it has become so used, that I cannot even pretend to cover it all:

Stella McCartney Mesh Open-Toe Ankle Boots
(here, on net-a-porter)
Jil Sander Leather Mesh Brogues
(here, on net-a-porter)
Brian Atwood Gaga studded mesh ankle boots
(here, on net-a-porter)
Asos Scandal Suede and Mesh Zip Back High Shoes
(here, on Asos)
Diesel Black Gold Nightspot Rope and Mesh Heeled Sandal
(here, on Asos)
F-Troupe Mesh Ruffle Flat Sandal
(here, on Asos)
Azzedine Alaia Suede Mesh Peep-Toe Boots
(here, on

Hope you enjoy them!

And let me wish you all the good luck finding the sales pieces you want! :-)

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