marți, 13 iulie 2010

When technology meets art

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Today I tought of writing about a special technique that takes shoe-making to another level and creates masterpieces which could easily be exihibited in art museums. The techinque is called laser-cut and it creates lace-like effects, embroidery-like surfaces. As far as I am concerned, this is one of the best uses technology can possibly have: it substitutes the craftman's talent (who have become so rare nowadays) bringing precision and quality to the product. Every now and then, designers tend to remember this techinque and give it a try. Some of the results are actually beyond beautiful, some fail because they can't understand to keep things simple.
The shoes created using this technology are so wonderful because they are feminine, soft, delicate and yet carry a strong statement about one's womanhood. They seem to be telling the beautiful love story of a woman's delicacy, intricacy and passion. These shoes will never become outdated - every woman will find in them a story of her own.

I hope you enjoy the few examples I have chosen.
Asos Laser-cut booties
(see them here on the website)
Jimmy Choo Suede Detroit shoe-boot
(here, on Luisa ViaRoma)
Giuseppe Zanotti Laser Cut Peep Toe Boots
(here, on Luisa ViaRoma)
TopShop Mellow Laser Cut Peep Toes
(here, on their website)
Guess Laser Cut Slingback Shoes
(here, on Asos)
Elisabeth and James Laser-cut flats
(here, on Sacks)
Moschino Laser cut pumps with open toe
(here, on their website)
Asos Bertie Vintage Laser-cut Lace-up shoes
(here, on the website)
Salvatore Ferragamo laser cut booties

Of course I didn't cover everything there is out there, but I think this will do for now. Which one's your favourite? I can't decide between Ferragamo's and Moschino's (but I really don't have to)

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  1. The Asos Laser-cut booties, Salvatore Ferragamo laser cut booties, Giuseppe Zanotti Laser Cut Peep Toe Boots are my favorite. I am loving them. Really stunning design and color. This shoes are so unique. Looking very classy and gorgeous. I will love this shoes with long denim skirt