luni, 5 martie 2012

Ecco's new attitude for Spring/Summer '12

Ecco, the Danish brand known for high quality shoes, bags and accessories, have launched their new collection for Spring/Summer 2012.
Featuring new shapes and colours, the collection is all about a bold new attitude.
Ecco shoes have long been known for their classic designs, besides the high quality materials they use. However, with the new collection the brand  has a powerful message, bound to open new roads.
The SS '12 shoes prove that Ecco can be very modern and appealing to multiple generations. They also show that Ecco can be fashionable, not just an investment you make now for the rest of your life (ok, this is an exaggeration).
"Complex" is the word the company has used to describe its new collection. It seems to me to be the right choice. Why? Because this collection has two goals: to fuel devoted fans' interest, but also gain new ones, from a younger generation. As for the looks of this SS '12 shoe collection, the odds are on their side. But only time will tell. However, I do appreciate the company's will to reinvent itself and reach new perspectives and new generations.
The collection is made of three different lines: Transition, Modern Romance and Future Contrast. What do they include? Pumps, brogues, roman sandals, wedges, ballerinas, kitten heels, but also high heels.
My favourites, and the perfect summary of Ecco's SS'12 collection, are these three types of shoes:
1. The perfect red leather wedges with a medium height sole.
2. The romantic ballerinas made of intricately braided strips of leather.
3. The androgynous brogues perfect for office wear or easily mixable in bold outfits.

P.S. Until the 8th of March, Ecco Romania is offering a 20% discount on every second product bought in their stores. This means that you can grab a friend and go shopping for shoes or bags from the newly launched collection and have a discount too.

sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012

Spring/Summer '12 collection from Skin by FINSK

FINSK, the finnish shoe brand that I've been telling you about for a long time, has good news for all of you who love their shoes, just like me. 
During Premiere Classe, a Accessory Designer Trade Show held in Paris during the 1st and 5th of March, they will officially launch their Spring/Summer 2012 collection from their newest line called Skin by FINSK.
The secondary line launched by designer Julia Lundsten and her team features pumps, sandals and clogs which keep true to the conceptualist design that FINSK has been known for. 
The difference is that they come in lower prices and a slightly more wearable style. This will appeal even to those ladies who liked FINSK until now, but didn't see themselves wearing such structural shoes.
Skin by FINSK offers sandals in wooden platforms, strappy detailing or cut out wooden soles. Some of the sandals, like the ankle strap platform sandals, for example, feature a raw finishing, with no stitches.
You can also shop with them for perfect pumps with a wooden heel and detailing that makes the difference. The line also features some clogs, but you know I've never been a fan.
The shoes are available in tan, grey, washed out forest green or black, some of them featuring colourful accents, just to bring out fun and joy.
All shoes are made of leather, keeping true to the brand's dedication to using quality luxury materials.
What I like best about this line is that they're perfectly wearable, anytime, anywhere, but they still have that special something, that concept that makes them unique.
Prices range from 195 to 287 British pounds and, yes, they ship to Romania too. Among the online stockists that will be selling Skin by FINSK there's the italian online mall called So keep an eye on them in case you're looking for something a bit more familiar to shop from.

Are they tempting enough for you?