miercuri, 20 iulie 2011

Pierre Hardy Men Footwear, now on LuisaViaRoma.com

Last month we were happy to find out about the eighth limited edition sneakers collection by shoe master Pierre Hardy. Well, now there's a reason for celebration again. Pierre Hardy's sneakers collection is now available by pre-order on LuisaViaRoma, here.

They're basically men shoes, but they look unisex for me. For example, I would love the animal print ones on my feet.
They're on pre-order now, but I say you'd better hurry up and order if you like them, I have a feeling them will sell out fast. They're a bit pricey, though: between 1.400 lei and 1.565 lei.

What do you think? Would you buy them? Which one's your favourite?

duminică, 19 iunie 2011

Shoe obsession of the day: comfy shoes

Sales have just started in most stores, while others are just around the corner. It's the peace before the storm, as I like to call it. So there's still time, a day or two, to go through the virtual closets of every online store and save in your wishlist what you crave for and would love to get your hands on. If you add them on your wishlist you can come back when the sales start and you can decide more easily which pair you should get, depending on the discount, availability and so on.

This is what I started doing this morning. The first online store I raided? Net-a-porter, of course. I saved on my list some shoes that would go perfectly with my bridesmaid dresses that I'm going to wear this summer at my dearest friend's wedding. 

But then I saved up a lot of comfy flats and sandals too, which got me thinking. Last summer I was all about high heels and wedges, even in summertime. This summer, however, I wouldn't trade comfy shoes for anything in the world. I don't know if it's the fact that I'm always on the go and in a hurry at work, but I wear heels only at events or special occasions. 

Does this ever happen to you?

Now, let me show you my favourite comfy shoes I found on net-a-porter, that ended up on my wishlist.




As you can see, I couldn't help it, I had to add on the list something high too, but they're wedges so they're still comfy.

What's on your wishlist? What are you craving most, shoe related, of course?

sâmbătă, 18 iunie 2011

H&M Fall/Winter 2011 Collection - the shoes

We're in the middle of summer and most of you are probably off vacationing and having fun. Well, it wouldn't hurt to be prepared for what your favourite brands will sell next season. So lets start with H&M's fall/winter collection, focusing on their shoes, of course.

The shoes featured in next season's collection have a huge retro vibe with those curved chunky heels, peter pan collar and autumnish colours. The inspiration is clearly Prada and Miu Miu, but in their own budget-friendly way. The colours they come in are nude, grey or brown, but also lots of red and crimson. 

The star of the collection is the ankle boot in crimson leather and grey mesh. They have that curved heel I was telling you about and they close off with a zipper. They look good, but I'm not that into that mesh. However, I will save my verdict for that moment when I'll be able to see them live and decide if it's love or "meah".

There are also some more classic ankle boots, with a chunky high heel, which come in red suede. They're the perfect autumn shoes, if you ask me. These and those electric blue poney hair ankle boots from Lust of Creation you might remember.

Actually, they might be my favourite pair featured in this collection. I know they don't have anything spectacular, but sometimes less is more and the classical approach is more safe. Also, they're easier to pair and you could wear them with pants, jeans and all sorts of skirts. Also, they'll make a good colour accent in all your autumn outfits. Shall I go on?

For those of you who preffer comfort over fashion, the fall/winter collection from H&M has some cute winter boots you can trust to keep your feet warm in those cold days that are to come. They still have something of eschimo boots, but I'm glad they're nothing like Ugg boots. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing them on everybody's feet. These are really a good alternative.

Next up, some cowboy boots in black. They are slip-ons, but don't worry, the elastic bands on each side of the boots will ease the process. You might like them if you're into country accesories and comfy shoes. I personally don't like them, but I think they look good on tall girls, worn with jeans and a checkered shirt.

Here's the lookbok video too, featuring Karlie Kloss, so you can see the shoes in movement and get a better look:

So, which one do you like? Ar you eager for this collection to hit stores?

P.S. The SALE in H&M and all other stores has just begun. Good luck with finding great deals!

miercuri, 15 iunie 2011

United Nude Men SS11 Collection

This summer, beside the enlarged ss11 collection, United Nude has premiered their men collection. You'll love them if you have always liked and craved your girlfriend's UN shoes. The United Nude men shoes keep to the original style of the brand. 

First up, there's the hollow heel, applied to a business type of shoe, which might be perfect for men with a little sense of humour, who are bored with regular men's shoes. It's like you have now your very own statement shoes!


For men with a more sporty style, who love abstract prints on a smooth simple lace up shoe, there's the men version of the Universal women style. They come in classic shades, therefore are easy to pair with summery pants, long or short, in neutrals.

Universal Mens

United Nude has also chosen to feature in their men's collection one of their hits: the fold style. Made of fabric in colourful rainbows, the shoes would go with the strong personality of a guy, who likes to stand out and wear shoes with strong designs.

 Fold mens

Like them, guys? Which one would you wear?

photo source: unitednude.com

luni, 13 iunie 2011

Dreamfall - Anastasia Radevich's SS11 collection

Last year Ioana @fashezine.com showed me what would become one of my favourite shoe designers ever. She's called Anastasia Radevich and she's simply brilliant. Here's a reminder on her previous collections

What I appreciate most about her work is that she amazes with every collection. I find myself each and every time saying that this has got to be the best shoe collection ever. And this is what has happened with this one too. 

The SS11 collection is called Dreamfall. The inspiration comes from the seaworld, shells and fairies. The fabrics are all flowy and delicate with unfinished hems. To complete the fairy-like shoes, the colours are all delicate: a lot of nudes, blues and greys. 

What brings personality to these shoes, and you might also call it designer signature, is the sculpted heels, as if they're made of shells carefully stacked on each other. Also, the shimmery shades on both nude and blue pumps or ankle boots make them even more true to the theme.

Details inspired by the wavy sea or the elements that make it up, like ruffles, spiky platforms resembling rocks, nets and beads, add to the delicate femininity of the shoes.




She usually shares part of her notebooks with sketches that create her mood board. Here's one for Dreamfall:

And here's the rest of the lookbook photos, with such an etherial mood to them:

Do you like arty shoes and designers who are not at all commercial? But would you wear them?

photos: Anastasia Radevich Facebook page

duminică, 12 iunie 2011

Shoe Obsession of the Day: Nude sandals

In my opinion, one can never have enough nude shoes. The possibilities are really endless: as sandals, flats, high heels, designed to be classy, modern or avantgarde, in suede, patent leather or regular leaher, in lace up styles or buckles, you name it! 

If you ask me, this is the new black shoe of a modern girl. You can pair it with just about everything and you can never fail to look perfect while wearing a nude shoe, wherever you might take them. 

Therefore, today I'm gonna share with you some styles I found on monshowroom.com/fr, after being inspired by the Wangs which came in my inbox this morning:

Alexander Wang strappy sandals, 510 euro, net-a-porter

Pieces Sandals, 45 euro, monshowroom

 Petite Mendigote wedges, 135 euro, monshowroom

 Axara Booties, 115 euro, monshowroom

D.co booties, 145 euro, monshowroom

Now tell me, which one's your favourite?

Do you like nude shoes? How many do you own?

photo source: monshowroom.com and net-a-porter.com

sâmbătă, 11 iunie 2011

United Nude - The Complete SS11 Collection

United Nude is a shoe brand that I, personally, respect and appreciate a lot. You might remember me going crazy over their Lo Res shoe in red which reminded me of Dorothy's shoes. Still, for Spring/Summer 11 they have outdone themselves: the collection is so diversified, with so many styles, colours and heights that it's pretty much impossible not to find something to fit your tastes and needs.

What I appreciate so much about them is that the designs are always very original and revolutionary, with a futuristic approach, but in a decent amount which makes them vary wearable. Besides this, it's rare for a shoe brand to take one design and make it in various heights and colours, so that any (pottential) customer would find a style that fits their personal style and prefferences. That's why you will find with United Nude the general design in 3 or 4 heights and various colour combinations. 

So if you're a corageous heel lover, than you might feel attracted to the high ones, with crazy colour combinations. If you preffer only to look at crazy shoes only, but not wear them, then you can always pick the low or mid version of the same shoes. 

Also, if you've fallen in love irreversably with a design, you can buy them in all heights, this way you can wear that design at the office, in the mid version, in the park, in the low version or at parties and fancy events, in the high version. Nobody gets frustrated, pretty genius, right?

The SS11 collection consists of some styles that are already famous, some re-designed in new colours or heights. But there are also some totally new styles with mind blowing designs: Abstract, Haiku, Spike, Tangle and Wedge. 

They are still very fresh and few people wear them. My guess is that when one of the elite fashion bloggers will sport one of these shoes, the same way they did with JC Litas or Finsk, the shoes will be sold out and on everybody's feet. So my advice would be to grab some while there's still time.

 Wedge, which comes in elastic and leather straps, in various colours

Tangle Hi, in elastic straps of various colours
Tangle Mid and Lo




Next, there's the Lo Res that I fell in love with last year. The design is very innovative and technology plays and important part in it. If you want the details, this is where you can read the story of the project. However, the colours are new: beige, pale blue, green, pink and black, of course. They're a little bit more summery. I love it that the straps which keep them steady on your feet!

Another type of shoe in yummy colours is the Mono. It comes as a Mary Jane wedges and as a flat shoe. The fabric is rubbery, but with a velvet-like finish. Coral has the about same traits, but with an extra design element: the cutouts on each side of the shoe makes them even more appropriate for hot summer days.

 Mono Jane
Mono Lo


Within the rest of the collection you can find ingenious pumps with a weird heel (Eamz), shoes made of elastic fabric in rainbow-like colours (Fold), out-of-this-world wedges (Cosmo and Frame) and mule shoes (if there's someone keen on this style) with an hollow wedge.

Block Pump Hi, Mid and Ballet

 Block Ankle Strap and Ballet

 Eamz Pump an Slip On

X Back and X Back Lo

Eamz Cross and Eamz X Elastic

 Loop Hi, Loop Slingback and Loop Buckle Hi

Frame and Cosmo

 Mobius Pure Hi and Mid

Mobius Slingback Hi and Mid

Universal Lo

Ultra Mobius, Mobius Hi and Mid

Frame Lo and Pure Lo

Fold Hi, Mid and Lo

 Elastic Sandal Hi and Mid
 Shark Mid and Lo

Cup Pure Hi and Mid

 Cup Hi Top and Cup Baggy Mid

Pin Buckle and Pocket Lo

The prices range from 50 euro to around 400 euro, depending on styles and they ship worldwide, Romania included.

So here you have it - the complete summer collection from United Nude! What do you think? Which would you wear?

photo source: unitednude.com