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United Nude - The Complete SS11 Collection

United Nude is a shoe brand that I, personally, respect and appreciate a lot. You might remember me going crazy over their Lo Res shoe in red which reminded me of Dorothy's shoes. Still, for Spring/Summer 11 they have outdone themselves: the collection is so diversified, with so many styles, colours and heights that it's pretty much impossible not to find something to fit your tastes and needs.

What I appreciate so much about them is that the designs are always very original and revolutionary, with a futuristic approach, but in a decent amount which makes them vary wearable. Besides this, it's rare for a shoe brand to take one design and make it in various heights and colours, so that any (pottential) customer would find a style that fits their personal style and prefferences. That's why you will find with United Nude the general design in 3 or 4 heights and various colour combinations. 

So if you're a corageous heel lover, than you might feel attracted to the high ones, with crazy colour combinations. If you preffer only to look at crazy shoes only, but not wear them, then you can always pick the low or mid version of the same shoes. 

Also, if you've fallen in love irreversably with a design, you can buy them in all heights, this way you can wear that design at the office, in the mid version, in the park, in the low version or at parties and fancy events, in the high version. Nobody gets frustrated, pretty genius, right?

The SS11 collection consists of some styles that are already famous, some re-designed in new colours or heights. But there are also some totally new styles with mind blowing designs: Abstract, Haiku, Spike, Tangle and Wedge. 

They are still very fresh and few people wear them. My guess is that when one of the elite fashion bloggers will sport one of these shoes, the same way they did with JC Litas or Finsk, the shoes will be sold out and on everybody's feet. So my advice would be to grab some while there's still time.

 Wedge, which comes in elastic and leather straps, in various colours

Tangle Hi, in elastic straps of various colours
Tangle Mid and Lo




Next, there's the Lo Res that I fell in love with last year. The design is very innovative and technology plays and important part in it. If you want the details, this is where you can read the story of the project. However, the colours are new: beige, pale blue, green, pink and black, of course. They're a little bit more summery. I love it that the straps which keep them steady on your feet!

Another type of shoe in yummy colours is the Mono. It comes as a Mary Jane wedges and as a flat shoe. The fabric is rubbery, but with a velvet-like finish. Coral has the about same traits, but with an extra design element: the cutouts on each side of the shoe makes them even more appropriate for hot summer days.

 Mono Jane
Mono Lo


Within the rest of the collection you can find ingenious pumps with a weird heel (Eamz), shoes made of elastic fabric in rainbow-like colours (Fold), out-of-this-world wedges (Cosmo and Frame) and mule shoes (if there's someone keen on this style) with an hollow wedge.

Block Pump Hi, Mid and Ballet

 Block Ankle Strap and Ballet

 Eamz Pump an Slip On

X Back and X Back Lo

Eamz Cross and Eamz X Elastic

 Loop Hi, Loop Slingback and Loop Buckle Hi

Frame and Cosmo

 Mobius Pure Hi and Mid

Mobius Slingback Hi and Mid

Universal Lo

Ultra Mobius, Mobius Hi and Mid

Frame Lo and Pure Lo

Fold Hi, Mid and Lo

 Elastic Sandal Hi and Mid
 Shark Mid and Lo

Cup Pure Hi and Mid

 Cup Hi Top and Cup Baggy Mid

Pin Buckle and Pocket Lo

The prices range from 50 euro to around 400 euro, depending on styles and they ship worldwide, Romania included.

So here you have it - the complete summer collection from United Nude! What do you think? Which would you wear?

photo source: unitednude.com

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