miercuri, 6 octombrie 2010

Focus on: Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell is an American shoe brand founded 10 years ago in LA, California. A family based company, the label creates some incredibly cool shoes that are, as we speak, conquering the world one step at a time. 

The designers use vintage inspirations, runway trending and the grind of daily life to create the amazing cool and laid back shoes which have that special american coolness (same as American Apparel, for example). "Our inspiration comes from the everyday woman, the girl on the street, the lady on the subway, the inspiration is YOU" the designers claim. 

I find the shoes created by Jeffrey Campbell very Woodstock-like, with a retro vibe, but with a modern twist given by the fabric combinations and the shapes. What is best about them is the comfort they seem to be guaranteeing: strong chunky heels, a lot of wedges, strong platforms, kitten heels, all of which are fit for an urban girl on the run, just as the designers said.

They are mainly sold in the US and only recently they have been launched on the European market. Sadly, they cannot be found in any stores in Romania, but be thankful for the internet! You can buy them at several online stores that ship to Europe and Romania too: www.solestruck.com, www.modcloth.com, www.shopbop.com, www.stylebop.com. The offer does not cover every model, but you would be able to find the most popular ones. Solestruck is the most well-stocked store of them all and they even sell the very famous Lita shoes.

Bloggers all over the world have been going crazy about the Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I've seen these amazing shoes on the feet of Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, Louise Ebel and Alix. My guess is that they will be soon as popular as the Finsk shoes, for example, which is another shoe brand that the bloggers have brought in the spotlight. I find it amazing how bloggers can promote a product this fast and this well.

I will leave you to some designs I have picked that I find relevant for the label. Feel free to share your opinions!

Fall 2010 Ad campaign

Lita shoes in taupe and navy blue suede (photo by Rumi for fashiontoast.com)
 Well-furnished Boot

 Tick Open Toe Bootie in Nude


Boot Camp in Khaki

 Foxy Wood

 Lady K
 Pixie Fur
 So Smart
Tick in Tribal print (very Givenchy 2010)

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  1. Oh well, I found my favourite model: Boot Camp in khaki: those ankle boots with laces and the wooden soles are gorgeaus. And I like their brand strategy: the inspiration from the street style, a vibe of vintage design and the modern touch of the latest runway collections: how can you miss? It's just my style. :) Good news with the delivery to Romania!

  2. I'm glad you liked it :) my favs are the litas, clinic and boot camps <3

  3. ha! i vote for the Boot Camp in khaki too.