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Fall Report, H to M (part 4)

Autumn is here, there's no doubt about it. I thought that the mild temperatures and the sunny autumn was here to stay for a longer time, as I happily remember from the days I was a little girl and I loved the warm autumn we used to have in October. Those days are long gone, however, and each of us has to deal with the cold rainy days, trying to keep warm but look classy/stylish at the same time. Because no one likes a Yeti covered from head to toe in cozy furs  (except maybe for Karl Lagerfeld as he has recently proved). Therefore, I will do my best to finish as soon as possible the coverage of what were the suggestions of all the designers for this fall.

Haider Ackermann has offered a very interesting shoe for this fall: combining classic elements with a loose imagination. He took the classic mid-calf boots featuring a platform and a strong heel with laser cut slouchy tops, decorated with caps and zippers. I find the cut very interesting and out of the ordinary, which is what I regularly find most important for a shoe. These strong boots (rendered strong by the bottom part) give the impression that they are very fragile at the same time (rendered fragile by the fraying, spiderweb-like slouchy tops). I feel that these shoes tell the story of a woman's soul: a combination of strength and frailty. The zippers add a touch of rock star attitude to the entire cocktail turning these boots in some incredible wearable statement boots.

Hermes needs little introduction: it is the fashion house who creates iconic classic pieces of art that you  will wear with love and care and that your nephews will inharit from you and wear in their turn as priced vintage items. Therefore, it's not a surprise that the shoes created for this season are beyond wonderful, almost perfect. As ankle boots or knee-high boots, the Hermes creations feature a small platform and strong heels. The finish is smooth, clean; the colours are the classic ones for autumn - black, brown and grey; the fabric is classic leather. The mood they inspire is the classic french mood, very lady-like.
The ones that I like most are, of course, the deep green croc boots. They are iconicly perfect.

Lanvin is one of my favourite designers in the whole wide world. For fall/winter 2010 he has mastered the matronly shoes: sleek, empowering, with a strong attitude. These shoes are perfect for a confident woman, who is secure in her sexuality (see the bondage-like ankle wraps or straps) and who likes to have fun at the same time (see the shearling pump). I like the curve of the stiletto heel which makes me think of a woman's figure. The diagonal cut is very sexy and adds to the attitude of these shoes.

Everyone loves Herve Leger's designs. The shoes created by Max Azria for Herve Leger are not different: following the styling and characteritics that are part of the Herve Leger identity, these shoes have what it takes to become everyone's favourite. Combining leather, sky high platforms, zipper and, above all, elastic strips, these ankle boots and sandals are very urban and modern.

Every girl and woman out there is currently in love with the Louis Vuitton f/w 2010 shoes. Wouldn't know to explain to you why because, personally, I find them a hot mess rather than works of art. In croc leather, satin or velvet, with a very pointy front and big bows, these shoes seem to have it all. In my opinion, the pointy front ruins it all and I would have loved them with a semi-platform and the same gorgeous chunky heel. However, I do find lovely the pair with a kitten heel as the mix and the proportions seem to pull everything through.

What Consuelo Castiglioni for Marni did this season is amazing: she embraced the sock trend and took it to the next level with the layered socks, she brightened everything up with colours other than the regular black and brown for every autumn. She created some funky wedges, color block pumps, ankle shoe-boots with a funky heel and spot holes. My favourites are the burgundy patent leather mid-calf boots - funny, they are sure to spice up any outfit and brighten up any day.

Frankie Morello creates shoes that you either love or hate, there are hardly any hues of attachment left in between. I absolutely adore the grey peep-toe bootie: very high and with a strong conic heel, made of suede and patent leather, they are very urban and chic. The pumps with lace details and the half mesh, half patent leather peep-toe booties complete the look of a modern and stylish girl. The shoes have  the signature sole of the designer.

For Moschino Cheap and Chic Rosella Jardini and her team have created some amazing wearable and affordabe shoes, keeping all the relevant trends from this season: studs, the lace-up style, zippers, satin, sparkly velvet and the classic leather. The platform ankle booties created by them are so very chic and street-style applicable that they would seem to be the pefect choice for every girl who likes to wear the most stylish shoes wandering through the urban jungle.

Until the next part, keep warm and stay stylish! xx

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  1. The Haider Ackermann boots are lovely! You said it so well: they are trully what we can name statement boots. The brown ones, last picture, with the zipper at the back and the loose fit at the top: love them!

  2. :) wow, we have so much in common! i'm glad someone finds my toughts and writing useful and interesting. Thanks a lot! :)