sâmbătă, 30 octombrie 2010

Happy Halloween!

I was keeping these shoes I'm about to show you especially for Halloween. Since everyone is celebrating it today instead of tomorrow as it should be, I decided to post them today. Maybe they will give you some ideas for your costumes!

They're not some beauties, but they're not ugly either - let's just call them fun and creative. The designer is called Kobi Levi and he is a young footwear designer from Israel. You can read more about him here.

 Chewing gum
 Market trolley
 Sling Shot
Sport elegant
Corset Boot

So, what do you think?  My favourites? The cat ones, of course!

photo source: http://www.kobilevidesign.blogspot.com/

I found out about them through the very useful alternative news website called Azi Vreau.  Subscribe to their newsletter and you will be the first to know about the most funny, cool and interesting stuff out there!

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