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Anastasia Radevich - "Taking from my mind all what I have seen, looking for what has never been…"

I get easily obsessed about shoe designers and shoes, in general. I love them or I hate them with an ease that only passion can give. When Ioana from Fashezine introduced me to the shoes I am about to show you, I was abosultely blown away: I have never seen such shoes, such creativity, such originality. Therefore, thank you, Ioana, for introducing me to the most amazing shoes ever!

Anastasia Radevich is a Canadian footwear designer of Belarusian origin. She lives and works on both continents. Sponsored by Foundation de la Mode de Montréal, Anastasia has completed a diploma with distinction at London College of Fashion in footwear design- one of the world's leading colleges for footwear design that has been the ground for learning to such names as Jimmy Choo, Patrick Cox and Georgina Goodman.

Her first hand-finished collection ‘Biofuture’ has been exhibited at the LCF gallery on Carnaby street in June 2009.
Anastasia has been selected by art-s-talker to be featured in the "e-Creative: London 2009" directory for London's best emerging creative talents that was launched at the London Design Festival in September 2009.
She has extensive experience in footwear and accessories design: she has previously worked at Aldo Group for 2 years in Montreal, designed for Bolongaro Trevor (the founders of All Saints), as well as gained work experience at Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Kirkwood.
Anastasia's moto is "Taking from my mind all what I have seen, looking for what has never been…". What better words to describe her out-of-this-world work? She is one of those genius designers the world meets once in a while. I am sure that she will be so big that students will want to study footwear design to become like her.
Her Biofuture 2010 collection is beyond amazing. I have never thought this is possible, that shoes like this could be real. Inspired from nature, the shoes mix suede, fur, patent leather with cage chunky heels or heels in the shape of a claw. The shoes are very feminine in a natural way, but urban at the same time. The cage heels make me think of steel skyscrapers or of mettalic scaffoldings. The turqoise suede algae inspired sandals are so gentle and leave me the impression that they are made of real algae that they just make me miss the sea.

Anastasia has decided to share with her fans some pages of her inspiration/work notebooks. These pages themselves are pieces of art that translate the passion this designer has, her amazing artistic nature and, most of all, her commitment to transforming everyday inspiration into pure art.

I have saved the best for last. The Kinetik 2011 collections is her best, so far. It features elements that I have literally never seen before in another shoe: platform and heels made of some type of very attentively melted  and molded metal.
As pumps, ankle boots or sandals, these shoes are made of suede, patent leather and what seems to be a mix of lace and leather. The suede ankle boots feature an amazing futuristic technology: they have mesh inserts with leds that creat an original accessory to the shoe and give personality, without making it cold, impersonal or too technologic. Actually, they speak of frailty, femininity, smoothness and sensibility. They are the perfect metaphore of the modern woman.

Anastasia is currently travelling for work and she isn't available for interviews or extensive discussions. However, she has promissed me that once she settles down, I will get to ask every question I have about her work, her inspiration and everything my mind will come up until then. So around Christmas, expect an extensive article on the creator of these pieces of art, Anastasia Radevich!

photo source:  Anastasia Radevich, Luxirare.com

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  1. Wow! Great article. Can't wait for the interview! The Kinetik 2011 collection is simply amazing, pure art. Great thought sharing the notebooks with her fans. :)

  2. Ah! I didn't know those drawing, so beautiful and so very her! I looove every pair of shoes in her collections xxxxx!

  3. we don't see that many designers sharing their notebooks with the public, it's an amazing decision.

    :) thank you for your kind words!