duminică, 17 octombrie 2010

Moschino Store Romania

One of the most important events of last month has been the opening of a mono-brand store in Bucharest. Many have been surprised by the investor's/label's choice since we're still fighting recession. However, everyone appreciated the courage and admired the beautiful store and location.

Who was the brave label opening the first mono-label store in Bucharest? Moschino, of course. The famous fashion house Moschino S.p.A., part of Aeffe Group, teamed with Distinto Boutique SRL, one of the most important investors in the Romanian luxury industry, in order to make this possible.
Starting the 15th of September, the mono-brand Moschino store is present in Romania through a franchise system and has been brought to us by Carmen Seitan, unique stakeholder of the multi-brand store Distinto. The mono-label Moschino store is located in a `30s modernist house (Calea Dorobantilor, 181), representing architectural minimalism and spread on 180 square meters and on 2 floors.

Here are some photos from the celeb-studded opening event:

 Alexandre Eram, Carmen Seitan and Andreea Esca

 Andreea Esca

 Campari Bar

 Carmen Seitan and Horia Brenciu

Carmen Seitan and Laura Cosoi

 Cristna Stanciulescu and Hora Brenciu

 Ovidiu Buta

The store looks amazing and I like their displays and the design: clean, minimalistic and chic everything makes way for the clothes to tell the amazing stories they carry with them. I am crazy about the heart theme, of course.

Now, lets talk shoes!
The store has both the Moschino and Moschino Cheap and Chic creations, which means you can choose from a wide range of models and prices. I have selected some that I really like, that I find the most representive for the two brands: chic, playful, elegant and modern at the same time. My favourites are the beaded pumps and the classic bow sandals from Moschino Cheap and Chic.

What do you think about this opening? Are you happy about it?

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  1. The store looks amazing! I noticed the building when under construction and I was sure it was going to be a store located there, but I didn't know what brand it was until a few weeks ago. About the shoes:love the lace ankle boots in the shop window and the silver ballet flats. :)

  2. I love the lace ups too, got carried away and forgot to mention them :))

  3. and the prices? normal moschino prices?