vineri, 8 octombrie 2010

Finsk update

I hope you all remember my post on the wonderful Finsk shoes. I have recently found that Solestruck is selling some designs that aren't available anywhere else - the joy!

I'm so disappointed however that the designers haven't created their own online store or that they haven't allowed the ones they are collaborating with to sell a wide range of designs, not just the most "tamed" ones. I really hope that they are coming up with a battle plan as we speak and that soon everyone would be able to buy online any wicked design created by this label. Because their fame hasn't come out of the regular-ish shoes that you can buy at this point on Solestruck, Asos or Amelie Boutique. I think that everyone would like to buy the wonderful architectural wedges in pony hair or leather (as worn by Andy, Chiara and Bryan Boy) and this would be a great marketing move on their side too.

Until that moment comes, lets enjoy the new designs you can buy now on Solestruck:


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