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Ergorapido by Mihai Albu, Kristina Dragomir and Lena Criveanu

The three Romanian designers Mihai Albu, Lena Criveanu and Kristina Dragomir have accepted to be involved in the project called Ergorapido by Electrolux 2010. During July and October, the three designers were given by Electrolux the new vacuum cleaner Ergorapido 2 in 1, which each of them has transformed according to their own style and vision.

The innovating, special design of this vacuum cleaner has offered these designers true inspiration and possibilities to play with their immagination.

Therefore, the one customised by the famous shoe designer Mihai Albu not only reflects the character of this useful item, but also the artist's perspective on it. The shoe designer translated an organic concept, using natural fabrics - snake skin. This is what made the item come to life, leaving the relatively rigurous shape behind and adopting a new fluid and harmonious shape.

The designer Lena Criveanu associated household activities, apparently boring, to fun, using as inspiration the design, the functionality and the vivid colours of the Ergorapido Vaccum Cleaner. The one customized by Lena Criveanu talks about an adolescent, a fan of rock music, who transforms every day activities in fun, fun, fun!

The Ergorapido customized by Kristina Dragomir highlights the seductive design and the verticality of the item. Through the designer's work, the classic household item was associated to a spectacular bird, which speaks magnetism through its looks: the peacock.

These three special edition items which have been transformed by the three amazing designers will be given to the persons who will donate important amounts, with a charitable purpose, of course. This will be done during the Halloween Ball organized by Leslie Hawke and OvidiuRom Association which will be held today, the 30th of October, at the Parliament House (you know, the big communist building everyone knows about Romania). There will be a special guest attending the Ball, the one and only Nicholas Cage! Details for participation here.

For the rest of us who will not be attending the fabulous event, here are the photos of the 3 special items. I personally love all of them! Which one is your favourite?

 Ergorapido designed by Kristina Dragomir

 Ergorapido designed by Lena Criveanu

Ergorapido designed by Mihai Albu

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