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Cocor Store Opening

On Thursday, the 30th of September, over 500 guests and stakeholders Liviu Ursan, Daniel Stoica and Dan Barbulescu, the Chairman at Cocor witnessed the official opening of the store, that so many of us have been waiting for since the begining of the summer.

Among the famous attendees were the two celebrities involved in the promoting campaign: Doina Levintza and Maria Dinulescu, but also public figures like Manica Tataoiu, Cristian Boureanu and Valentina Pelinel, Dana Rogoz, Laura Cosoi, Horia Brenciu, Dana Săvuică, Malvina Cervenschi, Albertina Ionescu, Catinca și Oana Roman, Ovidiu Buta, Oana Frigescu, Adina Buzatu.

The launching event was created on the Now&Then concept of the store's history and several special moments happening at the first 4 floors of the store delighted the public.

At the first floor, everybody enjoyed a wine tasting organized by Vinexpert and their vast collection while a coregraphic moment surprised the audience: a flashmob which combined coregraphic elements from the `70s and the current ones. The concept of the event was highlighted by the dancers costumes too which reminded everybody of the glory era of the `70s.

The second floor hosted the most important event of the night: the Romanian designers fashion show and the official cut of the ribbon which inaugurated the Romanian Designers Gallery in Cocor Store.
On music beats the, audience was able to admire the clothes created by Anca & Silvia Negulescu, Agnes Toma, Rhea Costa, Mirela Diaconu, Silvia Șerban, Norina Stoica, Diana Niță, Cristina Nichita, Whilhelmina Arz, Andreea Bădală, Elena Perseil, Andreea Tincu. All the creations have been accessorized by Kristina Dragomir (who was wearing the beautiful cage Louboutins, by the way).

 "The collection represented a premiere as it reunited several Romanian designers which are hosted by Cocor Store. The success of the fashion show was guaranteed by the effort Cocor has been leading, as the store supports the Romanian fashion with great initiatives like the opening of the largest Romanian Designers Gallery. The collection presented at the launching event showed not only the quality in treating the clothes, but also creativity and their strong character" said Alin Gălățescu, the famous stylist.

At the 3rd and 4th floor thechology was it its best as it delighted the attendees with special technical features, courtesy of Samsung, one of the main partenrs for this event. The plasma TVs installed at every floor showed images from the store's history, the first years from the opening, but also dance scenes from the Moon Gala, which was held in the `70s, years when liberty of express impacted the Romanian fashion hosted at the Cocor store. 

At the 3rd floor the coregraphic moment created by the dancers paid an homage to the great master of the Romanian stage, director Alexandru Bocăneț the creator of the show Moon Gala. At the same floor the guests tested in premiere the first virtual fitting room in Romania, an element which completes the stores concept: fashion and technology.
At the 4th floor a "virtual interractive window" was installed, which could be controlled just by touch and hand gestures, which was meant as a guest book for the Cocor Store attendees.

 Today, the 2nd of October the store will be opened to the large audience. The public will be able to enjoy the first virtual fitting room, an unique element on the Romanian retail market, but also international brands available for the first time like Whittard of Chelsea, Piccolomondo, Ellen Wille, Sabion, Voglia di Colori, Rodrigo, Truzzi, Mastai Ferretti, Aslanis Bebe, Rene Derhy, Cocoa, and the Romanian Designers Gallery too, made of clothes and accessories from Mirela Diaconu, Silvia Șerban, Andreea Bădală, Stoica Norina, Elena Perseil, Anca & Silvia Negulescu, Adelina Ivan, Andreea Tincu, Oana Șerban, Violeta Gaburici, Agnes Toma, Cristiana Dragomir, Diana Niță, Cristina Nichita, Cătălin Botezatu, Florentina Stoenescu, Wilhelmina Arz, Rhea Costa & Malvensky, Sepala by Mihaela Glavan.
What the event lacked, in my personal point of view, was some rigor as everything seemed to get out of control and get hectic. At times, it seemed that we were all some kids on a playground, running around to see what others toys the grownups had in store for us.

Also, I felt the need of a host who would announce every events that was going to happen. Needless to say that I missed most of the events because I was at another floor of because I had no idea that was event happening.

My biggest disappointment is, however, that the Marc Jacobs , Dolce and Gabbana and other famous designers are not present (yet?) in the store, as it has been advrtised. I do hope that they will come soon, because people were realy waiting for these designers. However, the Romanian Designers Gallery alone is a great success and Iam thankful for that.

I hope that Cocor store will not become just another mall, but meet everybody’s expectations and be a leader on the market with quality clothes, great designers and technology.


And the celebs:
 Albertina Ionescu

Corina Vladescu

 Dana Savuica
 Dana Rogoz and Laura Cosoi
 Ovidiu Buta
 Kristina Dragomir
Malvina Cervenschi

 Roxana Voloseniuc

 Cristian Boureanu and Valentina Pelinel
Wilhemina Arz
Mircea Solcanu

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