duminică, 11 iulie 2010

Shoes to die for: Finsk

I thought of writing a post about the craziest, funniest and coolest shoes out there. It's about the finnish brand FINSK and, like everything that comes from the northern countries, they are arty and one of a kind. Finsk shoes are on everyones lips right now, but on few people's feet.

My Facebook friends have already had a preview, but I thought of writing a complete post about this brand.
You can find their site here. The brand is so exclusivist that they only sell in selected boutiques in few cities like Paris, London, New York ecc. Asos has some available on their site, here, but they have selected only the most "normal" designs, unfortunately (there were more pieces available, but they're sold out). You can also find them in another online shop, called Amelie boutique, see their selection here.

Now, are you ready to treat your eyes to some incredible shoes?
Architectural blue platform pumps
grey wedges
grey sandals with coral lace (available on asos, here)
some very architectural wedges, for those who want to make a statement
these are the best ones - wedges made of pony skin (poor ponies, but they can be happy they created such an amazing shoe)
Snakeskin platform cut-out pumps. They're a little more "tamed", but they still have the edgy vibe going on

The designer collaborates with different fashion designers, creating the shoes for them. The ones below are made for Ports 1961, in a very extremly fresh, clean and wearable design:
Here are some pieces made for Basso and Brooke, with a rainbow theme and prints:
If you have one of the shoe gods say anything like the following words about you, it means that you really are something:
"I am captivated by her work. It is like nothing anybody is doing at the moment, exquisite, devine, perfect." Monsieur Manolo said about her in W Magazine.

I think great things are still to come from this designer and this brand. We just have to wait and see.

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