duminică, 5 iunie 2011

Ladies of the World: Save Your Sole!

This is not just a word play. Save Your Sole is a shoe care service that I've stubmled upon thanks to net-a-porter who recommend them. You'll love them, just as you've loved the fun heel condoms.

Save Your Sole is all about taking care of your beloved shoes, after you've worn them over and over again, until the soles of your shoes tell the stories of the places you seen. Pretty romantic, but not such a pleasant view, right? Well, using the soles the website provides, you can restore the soles of your shoes so you can wear them again, careless and un-embaressed by those ugly scratches.

They come in a wide range of colours, so you can adapt them to any kind of shoe: red, blue, black, grey, cream, white, brown and pink. They are highly recommended for designer shoes, of course, but you can use them on others, it just shows the respect you have for your shoes.

Here's a video showing you how it all works. P.S. I almost cried when I saw the cobbler tear off the sole of that Loubi :-))

You can also buy the sole paint in the same colour, which you (or the cobbler) can use for the finish, just to make them perfect. The website suggests you use them for changing the colour of your shoes' sole too. Honestly, I wouldn't recomment that because it would be the same as buying fake Loubies. And we don't like that, right?

Another service Save Your Sole offers is THE shoe rack (or closet), just as you've dreamt of since seeing Carry's in SATC. There are 4 styles which you can choose from and have them custom made, depending on sizes, number of shoes, how much of them you want to show off ecc. 

Don't you just love them? Do you like the idea? Do you find it useful?

photos: facebook.com/SaveYourSoleLondon

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