luni, 13 iunie 2011

Dreamfall - Anastasia Radevich's SS11 collection

Last year Ioana showed me what would become one of my favourite shoe designers ever. She's called Anastasia Radevich and she's simply brilliant. Here's a reminder on her previous collections

What I appreciate most about her work is that she amazes with every collection. I find myself each and every time saying that this has got to be the best shoe collection ever. And this is what has happened with this one too. 

The SS11 collection is called Dreamfall. The inspiration comes from the seaworld, shells and fairies. The fabrics are all flowy and delicate with unfinished hems. To complete the fairy-like shoes, the colours are all delicate: a lot of nudes, blues and greys. 

What brings personality to these shoes, and you might also call it designer signature, is the sculpted heels, as if they're made of shells carefully stacked on each other. Also, the shimmery shades on both nude and blue pumps or ankle boots make them even more true to the theme.

Details inspired by the wavy sea or the elements that make it up, like ruffles, spiky platforms resembling rocks, nets and beads, add to the delicate femininity of the shoes.




She usually shares part of her notebooks with sketches that create her mood board. Here's one for Dreamfall:

And here's the rest of the lookbook photos, with such an etherial mood to them:

Do you like arty shoes and designers who are not at all commercial? But would you wear them?

photos: Anastasia Radevich Facebook page

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  1. <3 Good God, now that's what I call shoe-couture!

  2. I like to look at the visuals.
    Wear them? Heck no!