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H&M Fall/Winter 2011 Collection - the shoes

We're in the middle of summer and most of you are probably off vacationing and having fun. Well, it wouldn't hurt to be prepared for what your favourite brands will sell next season. So lets start with H&M's fall/winter collection, focusing on their shoes, of course.

The shoes featured in next season's collection have a huge retro vibe with those curved chunky heels, peter pan collar and autumnish colours. The inspiration is clearly Prada and Miu Miu, but in their own budget-friendly way. The colours they come in are nude, grey or brown, but also lots of red and crimson. 

The star of the collection is the ankle boot in crimson leather and grey mesh. They have that curved heel I was telling you about and they close off with a zipper. They look good, but I'm not that into that mesh. However, I will save my verdict for that moment when I'll be able to see them live and decide if it's love or "meah".

There are also some more classic ankle boots, with a chunky high heel, which come in red suede. They're the perfect autumn shoes, if you ask me. These and those electric blue poney hair ankle boots from Lust of Creation you might remember.

Actually, they might be my favourite pair featured in this collection. I know they don't have anything spectacular, but sometimes less is more and the classical approach is more safe. Also, they're easier to pair and you could wear them with pants, jeans and all sorts of skirts. Also, they'll make a good colour accent in all your autumn outfits. Shall I go on?

For those of you who preffer comfort over fashion, the fall/winter collection from H&M has some cute winter boots you can trust to keep your feet warm in those cold days that are to come. They still have something of eschimo boots, but I'm glad they're nothing like Ugg boots. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing them on everybody's feet. These are really a good alternative.

Next up, some cowboy boots in black. They are slip-ons, but don't worry, the elastic bands on each side of the boots will ease the process. You might like them if you're into country accesories and comfy shoes. I personally don't like them, but I think they look good on tall girls, worn with jeans and a checkered shirt.

Here's the lookbok video too, featuring Karlie Kloss, so you can see the shoes in movement and get a better look:

So, which one do you like? Ar you eager for this collection to hit stores?

P.S. The SALE in H&M and all other stores has just begun. Good luck with finding great deals!

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