duminică, 5 septembrie 2010

current obsession

I have come across some amazing booties from our Romanian designer Adriana Nedelea. You can find on their website, Lust of Creation, a wide range of high heels, platforms, over the knee boots, brogues, balerinas, sandals, booties, you name it.
Their shoes are clasic, but very urban. What is great about Lust of Creation is that they customize your shoes or make them by order. This gives you the chance to have the perfect shoes, if you have problems with the sizes for example. The designer will make your shoes to fit your feet perfectly. Also, you can choose the colours and fabric and help create a very special shoe.

Usually, I am skeptical about custom made shoes made by shoe makers that are not that famous or that I never read/heard someone talking about. However, I can tell you that I have seen the shoes made by Lust of Creation, live, at a vintage fair. The quality is great and the shoes look even better live. 
The babies you are about to see are by far the perfect pair for this seasion as they sucessfully tick a trend every designer out there has followed: pony hair. Combine this with a crazy electric colour, a very cool design (very Givenchy) and you have the perfect shoes for an autumn day.

photo credits: Lust of Creation, from their facebook page.

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