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Mihaela Glavan F/W 2010 collection

Many of you might not know this, but my favourite Romanian shoe designer is Mihaela Glavan. I absolutely adore all of her shoes from the Sepala and Mihaela Glavan lines, since they are always minimalistic in a Calvin Klein kind of way, but with a twist, with something that disrupts the monotony. This is what makes Mihaela Glavan's shoes very modern and urban at the same time.
Also, I have always appreciated how the designer likes to mix fabrics, textures, shapes and proportions. You can often see these shoes made of suede mixed with PVC, or leather with rope, perforated leather with PVC and so many other unusual combinations. 
What I like best about Mihaela's shoes is the unusual shapes and proportions. The designer has a great sense of playing with these conventional characterstics of a shoe: she will always deconstruct, create different shapes by   attaching cape-like pieces of leather to the shoes, for example. 
Mihaela Glavan's shoes recommend her as a very brave and worthy shoe designer, setting her apart from the rest of the Romanian shoe designers.

For her fall collection, Mihaela Glavan has dared more: the shoes and boots have a higher platform than before. The sky-high shoes are still within the designer's principles: distinctive cuts, mix of leather and metal (studs, lace-like pieces of metal, soft spikes), the protective soft part at the back of the shoe (to keep the shoes from hurting your feet), the different shapes and proportions and the square insert of another fabric/colour which is meant to disrupt the monotony of a nude shoe, for example. 
As a first, Mihaela is introducing thigh-highs. However, these are not your regular ones, since they have the distinct mark of the brand. Also a first, the collection features some great biker boots (simple or with studs) which are incredibly classical and beautiful.

Many would probably blame this collection of becoming a little bit too commercial, because it is featuring pieces that have been popular with everyone for such a long time, such as the colours (the nude shoe) and the types of shoes (thigh highs). However, I feel that the designer has done a great job in translating some very popular trends to her own world and brand. The results are amazing and you can say everyting about a Sepala or Mihaela Glavan shoe BUT commercial.

All in all, the Mihaela Glavan fall/winter 2010 collection is a success, managing to bring a lot of new elements, but translate them to the personal style and succeeding in keeping a fan such as myself interested.

The Sepala fall/winter 2010 collection will be launched officially on 08.09.2010. Click here to see the invitation. I will be there to enjoy this new collection live.

I will let you to the pictures of these wonderful shoes. Enjoy!

my favourite ones

photos from Mihaela Glavan's Facebook page.

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