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Cocor Department Store - a month later

More than a month ago, I was talking to you here about the launch of the so much awaited Cocor Luxury Store. The launching event created media (and not only) controversies, as the store turned out to be just Cocor Department Store, no luxury included as promised. 

A month later, I decided to wonder through the store again and see if there are improvements. Join me in this journey meant to show you if it's worth visiting this store and why.

Compared to last month, at the launching event, when half of the stores where empty, I had the pleasent surprise to find all of them occupied. It would have been more pleasent, however, if the stores hosted at least quality pieces, if not luxury.

The only brand which is close to the idea of a luxury store is Guess. Located at the first floor, the brand displays the latest collection in its own store. Other than this, it's just tacky, kitschy clothes that you could find in cheap bazaars. 

From my point of view, their only achievment is the Romanian Designers Gallery. Located at the 2nd floor, the gallery hosts the creations of most of the important Romanian designers of the moment: Arz Wilhelmina, Badala Andreea, Diaconu Mirela, Flonta Otilia, Gaburici Costin Violeta, Glavan Mihaela, Ivan Adelina, Nichita Cristina, Nita Diana, Negulescu Anca&Silvia, Perseil Elena, Radulescu Anca, Rhea Costa, Secareanu Carmen, Stoenescu Florentina, Stoica Norina, Serban Irina, Serban Oana, Serban Silvia, Tincu Andreea, Toma Agnes. 

Apparently, from what I could see for myself, but also from what the store representatives had to say, this gallery is a bit hit. People visit it and look at all the creations, try them on and even buy them. For those of you interested, starting today (!) they even have the beautiful leather dresses (which are even more gorgeous, live) of the wonderful Negulescu sisters that you saw on Thursday at Avanpremiere Gala

As for the shoes, the Romanian Designers Gallery hosts the creations of Mihaela Glavan for both Sepala and Mihaela Glavan brands, but also shoes from Papucei.ro. Unfortunately, the store representatives didn't allow me to take photos of the shoes, they said it's not in their policy. But you can take my word for it. For Mihaela Glavan, they have the latest collections and, even more interesting, the Sepala TouchedBy Adelina Ivan collaboration collection which looks amazing.

 Sepala TouchedBy Adelina Ivan

Sepala Fall Winter 2010-2011 shoes you can find in the Romanian Designers Gallery

Cocore Department Store announced at the beginning of November that there will be new designers joining the Romanian Gallery, among which the famous shoe designer Mihai Albu. Pretty interesting!

Another store worth visiting if you are interested in shoes is Authentic. A Romanian business also, it was started in 2003. They have some beautiful quality shoes, most of them for a girl who preffers classic shoes. All made of leather or suede, in red, black, blue, purple, nude, white or other combination of colours, the shoes are very feminine and comfortable. The prices are friendly too, ranging from 200 RON to 400/500 RON. You can find them at the third floor, right next to the escalators.

Besides these highlights, the Cocor Store continues to dissapoint with cheap looking shoes, shoes with red soles - fakes of Louboutins, grandma shoes or incredibly boring shoe stores named "Suzy" where UGG boots are like designer pieces.

What do you think about Cocor Department Store, have you visited it? What do you think about the Romanian Designers Gallery and Authentic shoes that I showed you here?

photos: Sepala, the others made by me.

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  1. apreciez sfortarea de a scrie in engleza, dar este un compromis. constructia frazelor si alegerea cuvintelor sunt diferite de ceea ce ar fi utilizat vorbitorii nativi de limba engleza... construiesti fraze in romana si apoi le traduci aproape mot-a-mot in engleaza. deci in concluzie cei care inteleg limpede ceea ce scri sunt tot romanii...eu te-as sfatui cu cele mai bune intentii asa: ori scri in romana pura, ori in engleza pura!

  2. te asigur ca scriu direct in limba engleza, nu in romana si apoi traduc. am destula experienta pentru a nu proceda astfel.

    iar motivele pentru care scriu in limba engleza sunt in primul articol, numit A propos: http://shoedictionary.blogspot.com/2010/07/first-post.html

    apreciez criticile, dar nu alea gratuite. nu e vorba de nicio „sfortare” si nici un compromis. eu in engleza gandesc, am studiat-o si vorbit-o o viata, deci te arunca in critici asa, de dragul de a critica.

    Mirela Petre