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Xmas on Heels - a special season collection by Mihaela Glavan and Ovidiu Buta

The holiday season has officially began. Everyone is starting to look for presents for themselves or for dear people in their life. But this is also THE season of the parties - from the stiff office Christmas parties to the celebrations with friends in clubs. What does this mean? That you will have to update your wardrobe with pretty dresses and, most of all, pretty shoes, to make it successfully through all of the events.

To help you choose more easily and, most of all, to help you get the pieces you have dreamt  of for months, some designers or shops have prepared for this month special edition collections or offers. First up, Mihaela Glavan, of course!

Xmas on heels is the special holiday collection that Mihaela Glavan has prepared for you, shoe cravers.  To do this, she teamed up with one of the most famous Romanian stylists, Ovidiu Buta, who designed the RSM special edition shoes.

What does this special edition collection stand for? One of a kind gifts designed by Mihaela Glavan and Ovidiu Buta. It also stands for special holiday colours, fabrics that  manage to translate into a shoe the merry holiday spirit and also lots of energy.

For the special design of the shoes and the bags, Mihaela Glavan for Sepala has used fabrics and colours that are specific to winter imagery and to winter celebrations. 

As strappy sandals, retro or assymetrical, and pointy pumps, the shoes and also the bags, perfect for any of this season's event, come in precious golden shades or muted silver, red and also black.  The classical ones, one  would note.

"The special edition Christmas collection represents glamour and the freedom of style. The warm happy feeling  and the mood of the season are all captured in the shape of a shoe or bag" said Mihaela Glavan.

The men shoes from the RSM line has been designd by Ovidiu Buta and represent a preview of the Les Incroyable collection, which will be launched next year. "Insipired by the slippers Winston Churchill used to wear in the intimacy of his home, but made famous thanks to Tom Ford, the slippers are one of the most elegant type of shoes a man can wear and which allows him to be extremly creative" the stylist said. Ovidiu Buta in his turn used this type of shoe as an inspiration for this RSM collection, creating a piece that is very easy to wear.

If you're wondering, Mihaela Glavan and Ovidiu Buta are not at their first collaboration. They have previously worked on the TouchedBy collection from last year.

Enough with the talking, let us see the video created by especially for this special launch. The music belongs to Vlaicu Golcea and the models are Liliana Bulgac and Vincentiu Butoi.

The special edition Sepala and RSM shoes and bags can be purchased starting the 9th of December at several places, as follows:

- Sepala by Mihaela Glavan can at the Sepala Store (9 Benjamin Franklin street) and the Romanian Designers Gallery at Cocor
- RSM by Ovidiu Buta at the same Sepala Store, the Romanian Designers Gallery at Cocor and Mescal Store at Mario Plaza

So, what do you think? Do you like the good news? I'm excited as can be and I can't wait to see them live!

photo and video source: Mihaela Glavan and

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