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Festive footwear: what to wear at those holidays parties

festive footwear guide


You're probably one of the many women/girls who can't decide what shoes to wear at the parties you about to attend. Don't worry, it happens to all of us! I have prepared a collection of things you should consider when deciding what shoes to wear. Consider them more as guidelines than rules.

The key is to find the shoe that goes with the dress, with the type of party you're attending and with the message you want to deliver. This is up to you, of course, because no one can find the magic solution for all. But I can tell you how I decide what shoes to wear on holiday parties.

Sometimes I make the outfit starting from the shoes, because lets say I bought a gorgeous new pair and this would be the perfect opportunity to wear them. But usually it doesn't happen like that. Usually you buy a new dress and you're driving yourself crazy picking the shoes. Let's face it, it's difficult finding a pair that makes a statement, but also complement your dress and be appropriate for a get together with friends and family or work colleagues. ALL at the same time.

I love very high heels. But since I don't find them appropriate for work (where I spend most of my time) I can't really enjoy this pleasure of mine. Therefore, at every party I tend to wear the highest pair I own, or buy the highest pair possible. Another important factor is the fact that they have to be somehow out of the ordinary: studs, electric colours, special fabric, bows, glitter, a very special cut or a very special heel. You get the idea: something that makes them pop out of the crowd of black shiny shoes. This means of course that I would wear a rather simple dress, because you can't have both of them screaming "look at me!", it would be too much. 
Also, with a holiday party I like to experiment meaning that I have the tendancy to try something new, something I wouldn't wear regularly: animal print, glitter, very strappy sandals, shoes with lots of flowers and bows ecc. It's all about pushing my limits. But, there are times when I go for classy shoes: velvet as fabric, a little bit of glitter here and there and so on. It all depends on where and with who I go to.

This year I have an obsession with red suede platform shoes. They never go out of style, they're classy but daring at the same time and you can pair them with many styles of dresses. So my dilemma is solved!

Now, I thought of showing you some shoes that I find suitable for these events. I really hope they will be useful for you, helping you decide what's best for your feet this year. For today's post I have chosen only Romanian designer shoes. So here we go:

How do you chose your shoes for the holiday parties? Which of the ones I chose would you wear?
Tune in tomorrow as there will be a selection of high-fashion designer shoes!
photo source: chouchou.ro, cocazaboloteanu.ro, condur by alexandru, lustofcreation.ro, mihaialbu.ro, oana vasiloiu, pantofi chic, pixieshoes.ro

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  1. The nude heels with the leopard on the heel are my faves!! What gorge shoes doll. xo

  2. Sometimes I start with the shoes, as you said, if I want to wear a certain pair for the occasion. I usually leave the black pumps for wearing at work and try something different, more fabulous for the different events and parties, red, blue, a little glitter, sky-high shoes or sandals. Oana Vasiloiu shoes I love the most: the red shoes for the LBD and the beautiful black ones for the must-wear these holidays little red dress.

  3. hihi, totally agree :) love the outfits you described. thank god we.re working girls and we get to appreciate the festive outfits, right? :))


  4. I love all of those shoes :)

    Thank you so much for saying that :)

    Glittery holidays :**

  5. salut! is alexandra
    faceti pantofi si la comanda?
    poate imi puteti raspunde pe adresa de email

  6. Foarte frumoase sandalele Mihai Albu aurii!!!