vineri, 10 decembrie 2010

Molecule-F and Friends - "Best of Life, Best of You" shop and lounge event

Molecule-F, the first Romanian online shop that exclusively  hosts Romanian designer creations has prepared one of their famous special events.

Created as both a shopping and lounge experience, the event will take place this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, during 12:00-20:00 at the coolest place I have ever seen, Embryo Club, located in 3A-3B  Ion Otetelesanu Str.

You will be able to find the incredible creations of some of the most relevant Romanian designers at this moment at special discounted prices. The pieces are a "best of" selection from the SS2010 and FW2010/2011 collections from the following designers:
109, Ana Alexe, Andra Clitan, Alina Botea, Corina Vladescu, Fe[male], Lucian Broscatean, Keszeg Agnes, Liana Sagelean, Izabella Petrut, Sandra Galan, T-shirt Couture, Lady Magpie, Maria Filipescu si prietenii Ana Wagner, Alina Ene, Lena Dumitru, Antoaneta Opris,  Raluca Arnautu, Aghata Blanck, Oana Vasiloiu.  

"The event is meant as a shopping and lounge event in the cool futuristic mood that Embryo offers, a winter mix of genuine fashion with a Mojito flavour." as Molecule-F announced it.

There is an entrance fee of 10 RON, which comes with a Campari Cocktail.

Fabulous, right? Will you be attending? Have you previously attended one of their events?

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