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Footwear News Achievement Award Winners: The Shoe Oscars

On Tuesday 30th of November MoMA hosted the 24th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards, the Shoe Oscars, if you want.

Packed with celebrities like Brian Atwood, Blake Mycoskie (TOMS Shoes), Jessica Alba, Michael Kors, Blake Lively, Ivanka Trump and Christian Louboutin, just to name a few, the event celebrated shoe designers and brands from all over the world that managed to pull off incredibly successful collections and campaigns throughout 2010.

The most celebrated character of the night was the legend Christian Louboutin who received the Person of the Year award. He received his award from Gossip Girl's Blake Lively who is a Loubi fanatic, as she admited in her speech "I’ve never been more disarmed by a person. I own so many pairs, I should be institutionalized." 

Christian Louboutin's business started small, of course, with a small but loyal group who knew his shoes before 2004, when he opened a shop at 59 Horatio Street.  It exposed him to a younger hip group who couldn’t get enough of his shoes. Today you can see red soles on every red carpet all over the world, including Romania. In 2010 he opened 11 shops and started his online boutique and growth followed in 2010.

Louboutin's humbled acceptance speech conquered the crowd's sympathy: "Thank you America. American women have been the most supportive. So I have to thank America." Pretty humble for the man of the hour, the wizzard of shoes, don't you think?


Another honoree of the event was Brian Atwood who received the Designer of the Year award. He received it from Jessica Alba, a friend of his and a fanatic of this designs, of course.

After nine years of design for his eponymous collection of high-end women’s footwear and collaborations with several brands as Versace, Bally and Victoria Beckham, the designer has managed to become one of the most important shoe designers in the world.

The Emerging Talent award was presented to Charlotte Olympia Dellal, a shoe designer with a fresh concept, who designs retro-inspired colourful and playful shoes. Her plans for the next year are to open her own brand shop and expand the business.


The other winners were:
Company of the Year: The Jones Group
Retailer of the Year: Selfridges
Independent Retailer of the Year: The Tannery
Marketer of the Year: Reebok
Brand of the Year: Toms Shoes
Brand of the Year: Vibram
Launch of the Year: Ivanka Trump
Philanthropy Award: Soles4Souls
Hall of Fame: Dawn Mello
Hall of Fame: Jack Minuk
Hall of Fame: Burt Tansky

More details here.


Which of these designers is your favourite? Do you appreciate this kind of awards for the shoe industry?

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