miercuri, 15 decembrie 2010

Xmas on Heels - Sepala and RSM special edition collection - the photos

Remember last week's good news about the Xmas on Heels special collection launched by Mihaela Glavan and Ovidiu Buta for Sepala and RSM? We enjoyed the video created especially for this collection and now it is time to have a closer look at the festive shoes which will make Christmas happen for your feet too!


And also the bags to complete your look:

I like the fabrics Mihaela has used - saten, suede, some discrete sequins/strass. What I like most in this collection is the femininity that the shoes celebrate through the colours, the fabrics and most of all the cuts.  The sandals from the Xmas on Heels collection are cut in such a way that they serve the ultimate purpose:  complementing a woman's look and personality.

What do you think? Are you interested? Which one if your favourite? I love the ciclamen platform sandals and the red pointy pumps (so classy!).

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