duminică, 12 decembrie 2010

Victoria 46 launches online Outlet store: the SHOES

Victoria 46 is one of the biggest and most famous concept stores hosting designer pieces in Romania. They're the store hosting most of the designer pieces out there: Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Balenciaga, Dior, Lanvin, Stella McCartney, just to name a few.

They have recently launched their online outlet where you can find pieces from the designers they host at incredible discounts (around 70% for most of them). The website looks were professional, you can surf easily through all their sections (women, men, kids, cleareance and new items) and look for the catwalk pieces you have craved for for such a long time, at special prices, of course. 

I really appreciate this store. However, I still cannot understand their lack of communication with the public, no matter the budget and the age. I know that their customers are usually celebrities and rich people, but the opening of the online outlet could have been more open to the general public, since it's an outlet where people with average budgets could have access. Because, after all, an outlet is primarely meant for this part of the population, right? And the lack of communication from their PR department has no excuses. They could try and be more transparent and communicative. People with average budgets might just buy more if they are encouraged.

Now, leaving aside the flaws, I have chosen some of the designer shoes you can find in the outlet store. The prices are discounted 70%, so you can buy a pair of Stella McCartneys at 759 Ron. Pretty awesome, right? 

Balenciaga, 1059 ron

Balenciaga, 1249 ron

 Balenciaga, 999 ron

 Balmain, 1489 ron

Roberto Cavalli,  1149 ron

Roberto Cavalli, 1099 ron

 Roberto Cavalli, 1049 ron

Christian Dior,  999 ron

 Gardem, 300 ron

Stella McCartney,  759 ron

 Yves Saint Laurent,  929 ron

Yves Saint Laurent, 1009 ron

Giuseppe Zanotti,  709 ron

G.D. Scarpa, 659 ron

Of course that you have to be lucky enough to find your size, as with all sales and outlets. For girls like me wearing 36 there isn't much available, but for you other lucky girls this outlet store is really a gold mine! 

What do you think? Do you like this outlet? Do you plan on buying something from them?

photo source: victoriaoutlet.ro

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  1. I'm size 36, so, as you said, a little difficult, I don't usually find what I like in ordinary outlets, let alone this one. I've browsed a little the site, it's pretty ok, easy to navigate, but a little poor in design. Regarding the lack of communication, you're so right. The logical idea would be that they could target a new segment of customers. This could be a win-win situation if they knew how to manage it right. Who wouldn't buy something by designer at a discount price rather than something seen on everybody? Maybe you have to save up a little even at discount prices, but you know it's worth it. But you have to be approached somehow, to know that you count as a customer.

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  3. exactly my point! they have a bad PR dep., let.s put it like that. from vision, communication with the public and the media (including new media, like blogs)...

    i hope i.ll find something in 36, someday. so i.d better start saving, right? :))

    thanks for your thoughts, totally agree with you :)


  4. I need those Balenciaga wedges! They are fantastic and the white Giuseppe's are divine too. co