marți, 14 decembrie 2010

Carmen Chereches's sketches brought to life in Mihaela Glavan's workshop

The Big iShoes concept fair (powered by Tuxedo Confessions) organized a sketches contest some time ago. It was divided in two sections: shoes and bags. Mihaela Glavan, the jury, announced the winner of the shoes part and it was Carmen Chereches, an UAD Cluj 2010 graduate. The prize was the chance to have a prototype brought to life in Mihaela Glavan's workshop and her full support on consultancy.

Those of you who attended the Tuxedo Confessions Pop Up Store last week were able to see live these futuristic shoes. The quality is high, since they have Mihaela's grant, and the fabrics and colours are very urbanly amazing: a lot of grey with a splash of tourqoise (teal). Here are some photos:

I really appreciate this kind of contests as they offer the chance of finding real talents and young designers that have a promissing future, given support. Also, Mihaela Glavan's support is really incredible. I honestly think she did this because she herself started from scrap and needed all the help she could get. Giving back, now that she has become an important name in the industry, is trully remarkable.

Congrats to Tuxedo Confessions for this project and especially to Adriana, the wonderful person behind this!

Do you like the shoes? What do you think about these contests?

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