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Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony - the Shoes

Chloe Sevigny is one of those celebritries with an extremly original and iconic personal style. She is adored and praised by teenagers, young ladies, fashion designers and stylists all together. Therefore, it's no wonder Opening Ceremony has offered her the chance to design a special line for them. Their first collection in collaboration was back in 2008.

Nowadays, girls in love with fashion like Andreea from Thrill of the heel, who inspired this article, are all talking about the Pre-Spring 2011 collection that Chloe Sevigny has designed for Opening Ceremony. Featuring a lot of animal print, polka dots and floral prints, the pieces are a tribute to the roaring 90s and the edgy style they portrait.

As for the shoes, they're not something anyone can chew. With a lot of wooden platforms, chunky heels, country-inspired boots (something Nicolette, her character from Big Love, would be seen wearing), lace ups and rubber wedges, these shoes have that american vibe to them that is so catchy and irresistible. They come in black, tan and navy for each shoe and you can also choose between several colours for the heel/wedge, which makes you feel like you're customizing the shoe as you wish.

They're a bit pricy, but since they're available for pre-order only at this point, maybe you've got time to save something in a couple of months, right?

These shoes are also continuing the trend that Jeffrey Campbell and Jessica Simpson started when they launched and made popular among hype young ladies the chunky footwear of the 90s.

You can enjoy below my selection:

 Mary Anne

 Mary Belle
 Mary Ellen

 Mary Jane

 Mary Jane

 Mary Jo

 Mary Lou

 Mary Sue

 Nana heeled chelsea boot
Nana trumpet criss-cross heel

more styles and pre-order here

I also like a lot the names they gave the shoes. Inspired by Mary Jane, the name used for a certain style of shoes, they played with the names and the styles, creating characters for each of them. The names are so inspired that I can picture American ladies named like this who wear this type of shoes on a daily basis, as a belief. Also, I keep thinking of the Big Love girls everytime see these shoes. Pretty good branding, right?

What do you think? Like them? Would you wear them?

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