luni, 3 ianuarie 2011

Monday Shoe Obsession: Crystals and Studs

It's the first working day for 2011. Probably most of you wonderful friends are back at the office. I can only imagine you as enthusiastic about this Monday as myself. Therefore, I didn't prepare any novel-length article because I don't want to stress you out even more than this day is already.

What I have for you instead is two (I couldn't decide on only one) wicked pair of shoes.

First up, the Yolanda Spikes 120 studded leather pumps courtesy of Louboutin. I love the colour, but I would have prefered the spikes in silver instead of gold. All in all, it seems the right shoe to start the year with, right? The mix of colours is very optimistic and they would bring a springy vibe to any outfit.

Next, it's the Italian shoe master Giuseppe Zanotti with the Crystal-embellished suede sandals.

They have something very princessy about them (would it be all the shiny crystals that they are covered in?). I also love the retro cut and shape, which makes them very classy, feminine with a modern touch, all at the same time. Perfect, right?

Which one do you like best?

Stay tuned because soon the long-awaited interview will be up for your personal pleasure and leisure. Some more documented and extended articles will follow, also. I just have to organize and schedule all of them. With a little bit of luck, all should be as planned soon!

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  1. Happy New Year doll! I like the Loubs the best...Very fun and playful..xo

  2. Wonderful blog! Love it!

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  3. Both pairs are stunning but I would kill for the Louboutin!

  4. the blue ones with studs are incredible. I love shoes too , your blog will be sort of a bible for me from now on.

    alexandra @

  5. thank you alexandra, that.s such a nice thing to say :) i.m so very happy to be useful to you. i hope i won.t disappoint you :)


  6. DEFINITELY the first one!! LOVE your header!!

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  7. Thanks dear Burcu! I'm in the giveaway now :D

    Hope you'll drop by soon :)


  8. I like the second pair better. The retro style is very interesting. Ada