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Tabu Magazine, the February 2011 edition: Controversial Editorial with Razvan Ciobanu

The February edition of our local Tabu Magazine is on the newstands starting today and you'd better start reading it since the controversy is only beginning.

This edition has been highly anticipated ever since editor in chief  Cristina Bazavan announced on her Facebook page that the interview + editorial they were preparing for the next issue would create a buzz. And I couldn't agree more. 

The concept of the editorial is great, the photos are mindblowingly original and creative and the interview is very professional and well constructed. Cristina Bazavan managed to get Razvan Ciobanu, the currently outcast Romanian designer, to get comfortable enough to say the true story of his decadent, depressing and broke last 2 years.

The editorial features the designer among nude godesses and gods, like a creator among his muses. It was shot in Casino Palace/Casa Vernescu by Bogdan Stanga and styled by Laura Cirnici. The stars of the editorial, as far as fashion is concerned are, of course, the shoes. Thanks to Andreea Vasile, editor at Tabu, we have some photos of the shoes that starred in the praised editorial:


 Yolanda Spikes Christian Louboutin

Lace On Boots Moschino

Marylin Pump Moschino

Red Carpet F/W 2010/2011 Collection, Casadei

Diamond F/W 2010/2011 Collection, Casadei

 What do you think about the editorial + interview? What do you appreciate about it most? Which shoes are you favourite?

photos courtesy of www.bazavan.ro and andreeavasile.wordpress.com

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