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Berlin Fashion Week: Romanian Designers Collections

Yesterday, the 19th of January, 10 PM was a very expected hour for some of us. The Romanian Designers, also known as the dream team that represents Romania at the Berlin Fasion Week sent their models on the german catwalks. 

Despite the late hour and despite being the last on the agenda for the day, the shows had full exposure as the attendance consisting of fashion press (with the big fish Vogue and Elle from Germany, Italy and many more) and also of many buyers was there. Thanks to lovely Dada from Alomoda who is attending the fashion week we know that they were all thrilled. The media was backstage too: editors talking to each of the designers and photographers catching on camera every moment of the magic in the making.

The Romanian delegation consisted not only of the 6 designers, but also of 30 Romanian models, 3 stylists, a make up artist, the magic maker Alexandru Abagiu, and the friend supporters Laura Lazar, Matei Schwartz and Mihai, the man behind BOLD, and Andreea Inankur from Alomoda. The 3 stylists who put everything together and gave all the collections a much needed harmony were Marian Palie ( fashion editor at Elle Romania), Maurice Munteanu (editor at  Elle Romania, ex fashion editor for The One Romania) and Ovidiu Buta (fashion editor for GQ Romania, The One) - our very best male stylists. 

It's such a wonderful statement what they did: they worked in such a great team, putting together everything using genuine Romanian spirit and resources. The fashion show becomes authentic in this way to the extent that it can translate the values of a fashion generation that has proven itself as not only up to date, but also with a valid point of view which can be used to set trends.
Irina  Schrotter explained that the decision to put together an all-romanian show was made in order to harmonize and give unity to the show.

The show was opened by Irina Schrotter, followed by Alina Botea, Andreea Musat and Lucian Broscatean

Irina Schrotter's Lost in translation collection which combined silk with leather was acessorized by Mihaela Glavan who provided the shoes, which are part of the Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection. The key points of this collection consisted of platforms, 15 cm heels, urban shapes, cut outs, wraps, deconstruction, lace, patent leather applications. As thigh highs, ankle boots or pumps, all the shoes had that special Mihaela Glavan urban vibe that is so reprezentative for her designs. Most of the shoes come in black, but there are also some gorgeous nude and gold accents. 

This is what I actually love about this collaboration in particular and about this shoe designer in general: she managed to create a collection that is representative for her brand, but also use the designs to complement to such an extent the collection of another designer that it seems as if it was created especially for him.




The next designer presenting was Alina Botea. The shoe collection belongs to Angela Vasiliu from Papucei. Consisting of a more romantic approach, the shoe collection complementing Alina Botea's clothes was made of clogs, ankle wrap sandals, mesh ankle boots, all accessorized with the loveliest warm grey socks that you have ever seen.


Andreea Musat's collection which also had a powerful visual impact because of the prints and the necklaces, had a shoe collection a bit more simple, courtesy of the same Mihaela Glavan. Black pumps and ankle boots were there to complement the looks and give the silhouette the certain amount of elegance and femininity that it channelled. 


The Enclosed Gardens collection that closed the show belonged to Lucian Broscatean and it too featured a simple black shoe collection powered by Mihaela Glavan. Since the message of the clothes was so loud, the stylists choice and the one of the shoe brand was very inspired. Manly inspired shoes, lace ups, all with a very strong cut and line, almost as geometric as the clothes.

News are only now starting to go around about the event. I have a video here for you, made by Euronews, so you can imagine the great exposure the event has had and the benefits (to be read as deals, editorials, fashion shows, bookings ecc) that are to come for these designers especially and for Romanian fashion too.

What do you think about the show? Which designer's collection did appeal to you more and why?

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3 comentarii:

  1. Andreea Musat without a doubt. My favorite, love every single look.

  2. For me definitely Irina Schrotter! Classy, but also modern, with no problem to be worn in the everyday life. It's not only for the show.

  3. Imi place că Lucian Broscăţean a adus din nou elemente artsy în construcţia veşmintelor, de la tratarea sculpturală la noncromatism şi viziune conceptuală. I just love it