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Mango Spring Summer 2011 Collection for Women - the Shoes

Mango's Spring Summer 2011 collection is dedicated entirely to femininity in a Chloe kind of way.  It celebrates womanhood through fluid fabrics, pleated silky skirts and dresses in a dusty range of colours, nude being the dominant one.

In the shoe departement, Mango decided to express everything with only two types of shoes: the ankle strap sandals and the mary jane pumps with chunky heels. This might be a downside, since there's too little option for those women who would preffer anything else but this. However, their use of different colours and shades in so many combinations makes up for the little diversity in shapes. I'm sure there's a shoe in this collection that will appeal to any of you.

The sandals Mango used for their Spring collection are one of the most delicate and feminine shoes I have ever seen. The stiletto heel comes in a moderate height and there's no platform to them, which makes them a bit more agressive to your feet. They remind me somehow of those shoes you can see on professional dancers, which are very stable but emphasize every delicate move. 

The mary janes with chunky heels are a clear representation of the 70s style. They're strong - due to the heel, but also delicate - due to the strap. The platform will give you more stability than the sandals and they will give your silhouette a fragile and flowy air.

The leather, patent or regular, comes in a wide range of colours: nude is the most dominant one (third season in a row), by far, but they also come in red and gold, salmon pink, brown, yellow, green, black, navy, pink, tan, red. My favourites are the nude and the salmon pink shoes. They come in this pastel shade which makes them even more feminine and delicate.

There's a special use of a shade that we've seen at H&M too: the gold heels. There's a thin line for a gold shoe between kitsch and inspiring. H&M and Mango think the same too, so they found the magic solution to it by using gold only for the heel, combined with red (Mango) or white and pink (H&M).

If you want to see the Mango shoes in action, I recommend you watch the video below:

Do you like the spring shoes from Mango? Which one is your favourite?

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  1. I never liked chunky heels. The green ankle strap sandals are my favorites. Now I realise that I think green lately. It's always been one of my favorite colors, but there seems to be a green color trend in 2011: have you seen all the green dresses on the red carpet on the Golden Globes? :)

  2. yes, i know, people are getting crazy over green these days :)) even angelian jolie who goes for black ensembles wore green! :))

    did u see these: ? :-)


  3. Does anyone know when these shoes will be available in shops?

  4. most probably, after the sales end, which will be somewhere mid / end of February . I ll try to find out for sure and let you know :) hope this helps though.