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Focus on: LEL

I'm very skeptical nowadays when it comes to Romanian shoe designers and brands because of the custom made boutiques that are so popular. It's really a natural reaction to such a boom in this area that we've been experiencing in the past years. However, this doesn't mean that I'm not open to new commers, to new ideas, new perspectives. Some of them are really worthy and their work is very powerful and meaningful. 

LEL, the brand Eugenia Panescu has launched in autumn 2010, is a project the designer felt she needed to create after a collaboration with a local brand. The name comes from the birth name Eugenia was given, making this project even more personal. 

The first collection, for fall winter 2010/2011 is called Equillibrium and consists of 7 types of shoes. The collection comes in a couple of dominant colours - brown, nude and pastels - with spalshes of neon colours or animal prints. Metallic textured leather is used for some of the shoes, giving them a futuristic Barbarella-like look.

As for the heights, you can find in this collection both flat shoes - oxfords or over the knees boots - or platforms, like the futuristic ankle boots.

The shoes can be customized to every customer's preferences, using any kind of leather or colours, as required. This is what sells at this point, so pretty much every shoe designer has to offer this possibility.

Lel shoes can be bought either on their online shop or exclusively at iHeart store in 76 Dacia Bvd (at the basement). The online shop offers international shipping, so all of you dear friends from outside Romania can benefit of this collection too. 

Do you like LEL shoes? Which one is your favourite?

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