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Berlin Fashion Week: Romanian Designers Going International (again)

Fashion weeks are just around the corner so you'd better prepare for the thrill and madness that will follow.
First up this season is Berlin Fashion Week, organised by Mercedez Benz in the German capital between the 19th and the 22nd of January. 

But this is not the only reason of joy for us, Romanians. One of our very best 7 designers will be attending the show, presenting their fall/winter 2011/2012 collections. Papucei, Andreea Musat, Irina Schrotter, Lucian Broscatean, Mihaela Glavan, Alina Botea are grouped in what the organizers called Romanian Designers, while Stephan Pelger will be presenting separately, since he's already made a name for himself and since he has european education and formation. 

The downside is the fact that our Romanian Designers will be presenting their collections on the first day, at 10PM. Stephan Pelger on the other hand is programmed for the last day, the 22nd, at 4.30 PM.

However, what brings me much joy is the fact that we have not only one, but two romanian shoe brands who will be showing in front of the international press, buyers and specialists their creative and competitive products. 

Mihaela Glavan is my favourite Romanian shoe designer (as you may already know) and I'm sure this participation will do her good since she already has an online shop which europeans could use too and since buyers and editors will surely be interested in her Mihaela Glavan line, which contains the more daring  and "articstic" pieces.  I've been waiting to see her go international with a fashion show or collaboration so I couldn't be happier about this! She deserves it and I'm sure this is only the beginning, great things will follow!

Papucei is a brand I've been following for a while now, since 2006. The designer, Angela Vasiliu has been designing shoes since 1990, but success came once they launched the website which made the brand more popular and accessible. They're one of the first custom made boutiques here in Romania, so their word and vision is something to be considered. What I appreciate about their website is the funny names they give to the shoes and their creativity.

Let's wish them all luck and stay tunned, I'll keep you posted on the shows!

 What do you think? Excited? Which designer's collection are you more interested in?

photo source: www.mercedes-benzfashionweek.com

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  1. I'm glad that Mihaela Glavan has the chance to go international, as you said. I hope this will be a repeated experience for each of them, I wish them perseverance and inspiration in their work. Ada