sâmbătă, 29 ianuarie 2011

Berlin Fashion Week: Mihaela Glavan official photos

You know we covered last week's Romanian shows at MB Berlin Fashion Week. I've just received the official press release and some new official photos that I want to share with you.

It's really interesting to see what the designer had to say about the shoes she sent on the German catwalk. According to Mihaela Glavan's point of view, the collection is "a cognitive take on equilibrium as a state of mind, as one that is inside every person. 
The static-dinamic melange reflects the complexity and multitude of feelings. The static details can be found in the shapes and the very well defined  and graphic cuts, in the structural interpretations of the leather, as well as in the cut outs and the shoes' lines. The dinamism illusion is very well created by the repetition of the pieces and deconstruction."

Some pretty technical terms, but the designer's insight is very much needed and appreciated. As well as these close ups:

I'm very happy to know that the designer received a lot of attention from the media and buyers when she participated throughout the fashion week at Premium Messe, a fashion fair attended among others by Hugo, Guess and A.F. Vandervorst.
Your thoughts on Mihaela's explanation? Do you like the new photos?


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