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H&M Spring Summer 2011 Collection for Women - Video Presentation

H&M has always been striving to line up their collections to the trends the fashion gods dictate. Therefore, they have joined the trend Gareth Pugh and many other avantgarde designers have embraced, letting go of the traditional fashion shows and pushing fashion in a new era. 

H&M presented their Spring Summer 2011 collection through a video which pictures the main pieces and the main trends of this collection. The key point of it, as illustrated below by their official presentation, is the fact that they have managed to translate the trends the big names in fashion have set - the 60's and 70's inspiration, bright colours, feminine shapes - to a modern, playful and, most of all, accessible collection.

Fashion right now is all about reinventing classic favourites, with a wardrobe full of perfect pieces that have been restyled and reconsidered to feel completely new. This season there’s a particular focus on the mood of the 60s and 70s, with brightly coloured shapes that are short and sharp alongside a more romantic silhouette that is long and elegant. To make a modern mix, these pieces are teamed with seasonal trends and modern essentials with innovative shapes and proportions. There is a move towards function in fabrics as well as form, with many of the fibres used being organic or recycled. At H&aM we are proud to continue working with sustainable materials to make fashion forward clothes that will soon be timeless.

So here's the video:

Shoe wise, the collection is not so clear at this point. We've seen some colour block shoes, wood sandals, clogs and wedges, some pumps with golden chunky heels and some black booties. The shoes are in the same range of inspiration and use of colours as the entire collection, but it seems rather insufficent to draw a conclusion with this little information. So let's consider this only a preview.

I hope you can oversee the bad quality of the photos, these are video stills.

If you're interested in more details regarding the Spring Summer 2011 shoe collection, stay tunned 'cause there'll be plenty to see!

What do you think of the shoes in this collection? Like something in particular so far?

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