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Topshop Spring/Summer 2011 Collections: the Shoes

We've seen the spring/summer 2011 lookbooks from Asos, Mango and H&M. Now it's time to see what Topshop, one of the last titans of the fast fashion brands, has prepared for the next season.

Unlike the other similar brands, Topshop decided to divide the spring collection in 4 categories, that have their own inspiration and styling guidelines. It's like 4 independent collections, only smaller. Why not integrate them all in only one collection? Maybe because it looks more professional like this and definitely because specific audience can get more attached to a smaller but more individualized collection. Also, if they would have been integrated in one collection it would have been uneven, lacking continuity and unity, which made the result at least disturbing.

Graduation is the first one. It's made of „preppy classics with an offbeat vintage inspiration”. With star-pieces like high-waist culottes, wide-leg trousers, fitted blazers, polished blouses with bows or peter pan collars, the collection comes in splashes of strong colours (tangerine, yellow, pink, green) mixed with the neutrals (camel, nude); as per the fabrics and the prints, the collection features denim, floral prints, polka dots and checkerboard knits. You can shop the collection here

Shoe wise, the Graduation collection features loafers on heels, t-bar patent leather flat shoes, a lot of brogues, wooden sole shoes and sandals, kitten heel pumps and some chunky heeled sandals. They all add up to the classic preppy style, with a touch of fun to it. All very suitable for a casual outfit at work, at school or places/events where you have to stick to a more rigid dress code.

Here are some of the lookbook photos, you can see all of them here:

and some shoe highlights:

The second SS11 Topshop collection is called Sweedish Summer. With a massive 70s inspiration, the collection features a lot of floral pieces, loose and flowy everything. You can see more of the collection and shop it here

The shoes in the collection are very casual sandals: wooden wedges, straw-braided wedges, flats sandals with metal beades and so on. The outfits are very suitable for vacations, which makes this collection like the cruise collection of Topshop for this summer.

Here are some lookbook photos, see all of them here:


and some shoe highlights:

New Age Constellation is the third SS11 collection from Topshop. Featuring „architectural silhouettes, sport-inspired finishes and luxe high-tech fabrics” the collection is all about a new take on minimalism, asymmetry and tailored pieces. You can see and shop it here.

The shoes in this collection are more daring and modern, suitable for a more mature and empowered woman who lives in the urban jungles rather than in dreamland meadows. Patent leather strappy sandals, platform pumps in strong colours, they all complement the powerfull woman living in the cities. These shoes would be more than suitable for cocktails, events, shows and all the agenda of a contemporary girl.

Here are some lookbook photos:

and some shoe highlights:

The last of the SS11 Topshop collections is the one named Snake Valley. This collection is dedicated to the rebel spirited „festival girl”, with influences from the gypsy bohemian trend. Fringes, tie dyes, a lot of massive jewellery, bicker jackets and lots of suede, this is what makes the collection so special. You can see and shop it here.

Compared to the other 3 collections, the shoe part is the widest so far, covering many styles, shapes and fabrics. The dominant print is, of course, snakeskin and it has been used on wedges, chunky heels, cowboy boots and ankle boots. Suede is one of the star fabrics in this collection. Used on ankle boots and combined with fringes, this fabric makes the shoe very versatile and unpretentious. This shoe collection would be perfect for everyday use, on a large scale of events and dress codes.

The lookbook photos:

and some shoe highlights:

What do you think about these 4 collections? Which one is your favourite?


photo shource: topshop.com, fashionologie.com

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  1. I like the suede orange pumps and the python-like wedges.

  2. good choice, dear :) like those too and also the strappy nude+coral sandals :D

  3. I'll go for the white strappy wedges. I'm craving some comfortable wedges for summmer. :)