marți, 8 februarie 2011

Cafepedia and Tuxedo Confessions - (wire)less is more, the Fashion Cocktail

Cafepedia has started recently a series of fashion events, also known as fashion cocktails, meant to help built a genuine fashion community here in Bucharest. On Thursday, the 10th of February, starting 18.00, fashion lovers are all welcome to join the conceptual event the notorious cafe has prepared.

Called (wire)less is more, the event is dedicated to Tuxedo Confessions and the designers they host and support, both Romanian and foreign: George Neagu, Diana Nita, Fe[Male], Sergiu Chihaia, Alina Ene, Lana, Mihaela Glavan, Lel, the UAD Cluj graduates - Renata Rakossy, Carmen Chereches, Florina Farcas, Raluca Buzura - and the international designers - Parkwolf Jewelen, Vasel and Tahir Sultan.

The theme of the event is triggered by the fact that an online concept store is not only offering you the possibility to own a designer piece, but also gets you in direct contact with the designers that are part of the store's gallery. 

Also, there will be some previews of future collaborations (which we're all curious about, since the selection Tuxedo Confessions has is so elitist) and also some last discounts.

The event will be held at Cafepedia Romana, 2 Pictor Verona street, at the first floor.

Pretty appealing, right? What do you think about this kind of fashion events/cocktails/get togethers?

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